She stood there wondering could it be true, first there was the smell, the smell of the Cigar he always smoked and not just any Cigar, it was always the finest King Edward.  She stood still for a second, but yes it was true she could smell the Cigar.

As she looked ahead there was a frosty mist but there was the shadow and behind the shadow a ray of Sun that suddenly seemed to be all around the shadow.  She could not make out if it was the shape of a man but she felt deep down it must be for the Cigar was the smell of the Cigar that was so familiar to her, and it was getting stronger.

She found herself for no reason moving backwards, she was not even sure where was she, was she in some sort of dream or was this real, was it?  The more she moved backwards the more the shadow moved towards her and the frosty mist seemed to be lifting, but the sun remained.

Suddenly, she left out a squeal then a cry then a name, his name, this was unbelievable she told herself it can’t be but it is.  Is he here with me or have I left all behind and joined him, she did not know.  The shadow came closer and closer to her until she could see clearly it was him the man she loved all her life, her Husband, “but you are Dead darling, aren’t you Dead Robert, please please tell me are you here or am I with you, with you forever”.

He just smiled that warm loving smile he always did and he held out his right arm to her, his left still smoking his Cigar.  She walked closer and closer and she placed her hand in his right hand, he clasped her hand tightly, “oh Robert” she cried.  “I never thought I would see you again, never and here you are, you have come back”, as he slowly pulled her to him, she heard his words “no Darling I have not come back, I know you have been worrying I know you cry yourself to sleep each night, I have only come to let you see and to know I am well I am happy I am at Peace, there is no need for you to worry” he whispered.

“But all I want is for you to come back, thats silly I know it is, but please, please darling let me be with you, its all I want, I hate being without you I can’t cope please take me with you” she begged.  As he stroked her hair, just as he always did, she laid her head on his chest, “listen, Kate I am happy where I am you must be sure of that, soon darling one day we’ll be together but for now you must be happy you must live your life make the most of all that is left to you, then when that time comes we can be together, but for now I only came back to reassure you” she lifted her head to him and kissed him on his lips “its hard Robert I try to cope but I miss you so” she told him “I know you do but talk to me I will always guide you, Kate you are stronger than you think, darling for now you must let me go, but I will be there for you whenever you want” he told her.

Suddenly she felt Robert letting go of her, his hand suddenly slipping from hers “Robert, Robert,” she cried, she saw him blowing kisses to her as he always liked to do and the frosty mist seemed to be getting stronger and the sun was fading but the Cigar smell was there, Kate searched hard with her eyes for Robert but he was fading more and more until there was no sun, no mist and no Cigar smell he was gone, she stood there all alone.

Kate closed her eyes wishing her Husband back knowing that could never be but she must listen to him, she knew in her heart he would never leave her he would be there waiting for the day when they would be together.

Kate felt a breeze, a breeze from her window she suddenly opened her eyes, she was there in their bed their large bed that they shared, she was sleeping on the side of the bed that Robert always slept on, she had done so since he died, “was this a dream” she cried out “it can’t have been it was so real I touched him, I held Robert’s hand I laid my head on his chest, I kissed his lips, I felt those lips and the cigar it had to be real, but I am here here in bed” she said out loud.  She was remembering every second of what happened, it had happened, the tears fell and the longing for him came back, then suddenly she could smell the Cigar, Robert’s Cigar, “he said he would always be here” she cried and she felt at ease as she laid back on the pillows where Robert would rest his head, where he would hold her close to him.

Kate suddenly felt at Peace she felt she must move on until that day when they would be together, forever.  “Perhaps” she thought “perhaps one day I will see the frosty mist and the sun and smell Robert’s Cigar, who knows what may happen” she said out loud and closed her eyes to dream of Robert.








“ALL I HAVE TO DO IS DREAM”  by the wonderful Everly Brothers.  “Dreams and hopes of a young girl”, never came true hey no, never mind still had the music of the Everly Brothers.  Enjoy.


12 thoughts on “MIST AND CIGAR SMOIKE

      1. Dear Kate, I feel so guilty letting you down all this time. I was hoping for this leg and constant pain to get easier, no signs yet, in fact I was pleased with myself last Thursday and Friday I managed some gardening finally, but low and behold woke up Saturday morning, all my toes terribly swollen on right foot in particular large toe I am trying to walk on my right heel the pain is too much, its just one more damn problem. I have an appointment, finally came through, to see the Specialist for the Results of the Scan I hope, plus treatment, there is no life Kate just existence. I can’t remember now exactly what questions you want answered can you let me know and I will set about responding to you, kept you waiting long enough, my sincere apologies. Love, Anna


    1. I am so terribly flattered by what you said and I can’t thank you enough. It really does encourage me to write, although I have always liked writing, always keep a diary. I am just so flattered many thanks.

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