Times passess

and we grow older

maybe not wiser

but nothing can be done

to stop us getting old


The Past seems clearer

to me now

or maybe

I just want it to be

not that it was all I wanted


I made mistakes

massive mistakes

and paid the price

oh foolish me


But what to to do

shut up and put up

and make the best

and raise one’s Children


Regret oh so regret

the chances I let slip by

the love the happiness

the life that could have been


Don’t tell me

“don’t regret, forget the past”

I can’t do that

its too important


Life is a case of survival

and right now its hard enough

its really tough

I don’t look forward too much


Only He can determine

what comes next

in the meantime

I follow that constant Star




















The wonderful Henry Mancini “Too Little Time”


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