The day we dread

pray it does not come true

all the foundations

that were laid

if the worst

comes true

all will crash

there will be no hope

extremists will control

God save us from

Extreme Left Wingers


We will wait

watch them mess it up

and wait till sense

will reign once more


So if you want

those now in Power

to Stay

and you live in the UK












“Alice in Wonderland”  if all goes wrong I will pretend I am Alice.  Better times than now.


6 thoughts on “DOOMSDAY

  1. Doomsday is surely another dose of Tory austerity, public service slashing and inequality.
    If you love the rich and want to give them all the loot – vote Tory.
    Take the food from our kids (school meals), the money from pensioners (Fuel allowance, triple lock ending and dementia tax) and cut everyone’s pay and pensions to give to the rich.
    Read all about it in the Tory media!!

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    1. Opher, goodness sake give it a break, do you have any idea how silly you sound, plus all the bloody rubbish you are coming out with. I only care for my Sons and myself, its hard enough living in this rotten World as it is, I dont need IRA Supporters and Liars and Extremists as Corbyn and co running this Country where I have to live. Are you still looking at “I Daniel Blake”?


    1. Neither do I Kate, just sounded good to me I love listening to the late Bill Evans, plus the tension here in the UK is somewhat chilly thought I would just lighten the air. Election Thursday, God help us if Corbyn gets in. Stupid me, looked at the letter from the Specialist this morning, my appointment is not the 10th its the 12th June, should have put it in my Diary usually do, lacking somewhat.

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      1. I know I am down Kate have been for a long time now. I love to walk and my life since February has been this house or shuffling up to the Dr. To be honest I am annoyed with the Dr this leg extreme pain should not have been allowed to continue, I can barely get my shoe on now.


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