I am furious, I have just been watching the 7pm News and halfway through the reports on last night’s Muslim Terrorist Attacks and the slaughter of  Seven people and the multiple injuries that were caused.  There was a report on a speech by the opposition Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn.  Some people may not be aware that this Country goes to the Polls this coming Thursday.

The Prime Minister, Mrs Theresa May called for the cancellation of electioneering today as a mark of respect to all those last night.  Jeremy Corbyn started his speech sending his sympathies to the Families of those who were slaughtered, thoughts to those injured and congratulating the Police for last night, he went on for a while in his usual drawn out way, then suddenly out Corbyn comes with Political campaigning.

He criticised the Prime Minister for this for that, the cut backs the Government have had to make on the  The Police, the NHS  –  Corbyn was absolutely disgraceful.

Jeremy Corbyn, Extreme Far Left Wing Leader of the Labour Party, used the slaughter of those poor Seven People to make Political gain, Corbyn used the multiple injuries of all those critically hurt last night, to make Political gain.  Corbyn used the pain that the Families of all those who died and are injured to make Political gain.

In all my years of watching Political campaigning by party Leaders, I have never seen such disgraceful behaviour as I witnessed less than an hour ago.

I was so annoyed I walked out of my Living Room to use the Internet, my sandal I had on loose on my right foot (because I have a severe leg problem) got caught in the large Red Father Christmas Bear toy of my dog on the Hall rug and bang I went down onto my left hip, unable to get up there was me shouting for one of my Sons to help me, which they did, plus Daisy my dog who thought it was hilarious I was on the floor “this was a good game” she kept running back and forth, from our front door all up the staircase and down using me as a good Hurdle to jump over.  Thanks Corbyn.

Seriously, Corbyn should be utterly ashamed of himself using the slaughter of seven Dead People and the multiple injuries of people to make Political gain.  I have no shame in saying in the months that have passed I have grown to dislike intensely Corbyn, I do not trust him, I think he will be very dangerous for my Country, I believe he will do immense damage and I am frightened that this man would be in control of this Country.

I fear for the future of this Country under him.  I have been told repeatedly that Terrorism is not the first Priority  in this Country, well it is, it is most definitely for me Number One and should be for everyone.  Muslim Extremists I have said time and time again Live Amongst us, whether it be Barking in England or California, or Paris, Belgium, Holland, Germany you name it, they Live Amongst Us and we need to be aware we need to be careful we need to Report what we see.  The United Kingdom is a Christian Country and these Muslim Terrorists will not end it, they will not force whatever they believe in, obviously HATRED, upon us.

God Bless you all, whatever God you believe in.














The British Prime Minister, Mrs Theresa May.


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