Last night I thought I would sit down early for once, around 10pm had some cheese, pear biscuits and strawberries for supper on a plate in my bedroom, decided to put my feet up to watch a film.  No sooner had I done that, than my Son came into my room and said “put the news on”.

I quickly turned the tv over to the news and there it was another Muslim Terrorist Attack on London.  Six People had been Murdered and multiple people had been seriously injured, some critical.  By London Bridge (I know the area) a White Van veered off the road into a crowd mowing them down, when the van came to a stop Men ran from the Van and headed for an area called Borough Market where they proceeded to stab people.  One poor girl had her throat cut.

Was I surprised at another Attack, No, we knew there would be more but not when or how.  I have said for a long time and been mocked, that this Country the UK is far too soft far too open, we accept too much when we should be laying down the Laws.

People want to come to live in the UK thats fine if they are checked and accepted than they are welcome provided they have somewhere to live provided they have a job and don’t depend on the rest of us to financially maintain them.

There are groups who refuse to accept the British way of life if you like they live in their own ghettos their own communities, they refuse to speak English, they wear Burqas which should be banned, in private do what you want but in public NO.

What I say may shock and I have no doubt they are some so liberal so far left that they will refer to me as a Racist, thats been done before.  If I went to live in someone else’s Country say the Middle East, I would have to obey the Laws of that Country, I would have to obey the way that they insist women be dressed.  I would not go there but if I did I would have to obey.

Those people come here and they think they can do what the hell they want.  We have groups of Muslim Men who for more than ten years have “Groomed White Young Girls, yes White” for Sexual gratification and more, and what is done, barely anything.  There are some of those Muslim men who five years ago were charged and sent for deportation, back to where they came from, they are still here, its a Joke.

This Country is a Joke, WE ARE TOO TOLERANT, and now this morning after last nights Muslim Terrorist Attack, the Prime Minister, The Rt Hon Theresa May has said exactly that, about time, we can NOT go on being too tolerant, our decency has been thoroughly abused.

I am not anti Muslim, there is good and bad in every walk of life.  I come from an Irish Catholic background.  I grew up in this Country watching the IRA bomb this Country and Murder thousands of people in Northern Ireland and the UK.  Today, or rather on Thursday when this Country goes to Vote for the next Prime Minister, we have a Candidate from the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn an extreme Far Left Politician.  He used to call for Minute Silences when IRA Murderers died, he sympathised with the IRA he still does, he sympathises with Hamas and other well known Terrorist groups, and he wants to be Prime Minister?

This Country needs to bring back the strength we once had, the days I remember when the United Kingdom was proud and was not walked on by groups of people whose beliefs are to destroy this Country.  We were not beaten before and we Will Not Be Beaten Now.

We need to take a very close look at Israel and their security system, what they do.  We need to do all the checks of people and properties that are necessary.  We need to Finally ARM ALL POLICE.  To watch last night as Police ran towards danger on the Bridge with just their Shields and Batons, for God’s sake ARM them the time has come.  I am extremely proud that within Eight Minutes of the Terrorists attacking, Armed Police had shot them dead.

This Morning Police are raiding Homes and arresting people from Barking, in Essex, it is in this block of flats the Police are searching where at least one of the Terrorists lived.  I barely listened to the so called Mayor of London Sadiq Khan, I have no time for the man, he is not fit for the job and I would not trust him.

I watched all coverage of the events last night and this morning, I watched CNN and Fox, both excellent, must say I do like the coverage from CNN.  I also watched French tv, Sky and our own BBC/ITN services.

I was grateful for the words from The President of The United States, Donald Trump, at this time they were of great comfort to this Country, I personally felt.  I am grateful for the Friendship and the co-operation from those in the United States, we need to work together to eradicate these Muslim Terrorist Attacks, which will not end.  I have no doubt more are on the way for the UK, now is the time to show we will not tolerate them, the UK is now united in fighting Muslim Terrorists, all of us should be.

The United Kingdom must now Arm all British Police, We must stop being so Tolerant, that must End.  We need to look at and discuss the way that Israel deals with Terrorism.  We must show that the UK will not be Beaten by any Terrorists.  Arguing by extreme Left Wing Politicians and pundits does not help.  We all need to work together.  What we do need in this Country is a Terrorist Czar.

The United Kingdom needs to show our strength, I know what I now say may shock, but I do personally found all the flowers/teddy bears etc that are laid after every tragic event in this Country shows us to be too soft.  I understand that people feel this necessary to do, this started with the Deaths of Hillsborough and of course the “so called accident” of High Royal Highness ( despite the Queen shockingly removing the Title) Diana, Princess of Wales.  People can always make Donations to Charities which would be far more beneficial.  We have to be strong, we must continue to fight back, this Country Must show that It Will Never be Beaten by any Terrorist Organisations.  We are a Christian Country and a Christian Country we will remain.


Rest in Peace to all those that so horrendously Died and all those Injured.  Prayers for all those that have lost their Loved ones.








“I’ll Fly Away”  Johnny Cash




  1. I agree with some of what you say but obviously not all. We do need to be strong and start enforcing the laws, locking up the purveyors of hate, expatriating the supporters of ISIS and policing mosques.
    Corbyn is not extreme. That is the tabloid press. What he is saying is common sense – better funding of the public services, less money to bankers, nationalising trains. It isn’t extreme. Neither does he support terrorist groups – far from it.
    The Tory lies run the media. Don’t fall for it Anna.


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