Man with the kite 

Thoughts that are always from the heart and should be read.

The Journey of My Left Foot (whilst remembering my son)

Tuesday 6th June

The wind has blown the rain away

Thoughts of you are carried in the breeze

But my love for you won’t be scattered

As those fragile leaves shaken from trees

I’ll hold on tight

Like the man with the kite

And breathing slowly, my pain to ease.

Beloved Angel son

Flying high


The beach, red-flagged today, but good for kite flying

An empty beach, with rough seas

Lots of white horses

Much calmer in the harbour

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4 thoughts on “Man with the kite 

      1. Had a telephone conversation this morning with Specialist’s Sec. He will ring me on Saturday with Results, as I have swollen foot can’t get shoe on can’t put toes to the ground, can’t get to Colchester next appointment to see Spec. here in Clacton will be end of July, what next? Anyhow fingers crossed should find out Saturday, don’t know about treatment.


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