Memories oh memories

how they have

flooded back

were they good

of course not


Intimidation, threats

they happened

well they would

wouldn’t they


Good times, bad times

depended on what side

one was on

but as usual

those that worked suffered


A hot Summer

people upset

people furious

Dead Bodies lined up

“dont die” was the cry

then a cold winter



Streets lined with

filthy rubbish

Rats ran alive

Rats, Rats Rats everywhere

in London particularly

in Westminster


God forbid Labour Rule again

under that Extreme Far Left Leader

Jeremy Corbyn

Fan of and Friend to Hamas

Friend to extreme Muslim Terrorists

Friend to the IRA

and Murderers like

Adams and Mcguinness

the latter now dead

lets hope he’s suffering


So the naive and vindictive

so many of them

so called University students

Parents who have complained to me

they have wasted money

so their Child can learn

to drink and do drugs

these young are the majority

who will determine our fate


Corbyn has hidden the Lover

or is it the ex lover

Diane Abbott

they have had to shut her mouth

but if Corbyn wins

Abbott will be out at his side

but where will his Wife be

is that the third or fourth wife?


We must not forget his close friend

that dangerous McGuinness

and the Guardian t..t


Shall we all bury our heads

in the sand

it will be Jim Callaghan

all over again


those in the UK who remember

Jim Callaghan Prime Minister

later Lord


Callaghan came back from

a visit abroad at that time

the Caribbean was it?

he arrived back

Bodies could not be buried

Garbage all over Cities and Towns

and when the press asked about

the Crisis facing the Country

Callaghan’s response was



The British Winter of Discontent

it was called by the Press

I remember it well

now we face Disaster again


If you are in the UK

and support Common Sense

and do not want that

Extreme Far Left Corbyn

you want what is best for our Country
















“This should cause some ruffles”.  Nothing wrong with being Proud of one’s Country.







    1. I don’t as you say “support scum”, I support a Party that I believe will keep this Country safe. I Will Not Support a Man or Party but in particular Corbyn and his little inner circle that Support the IRA/Hamas/Hezbollah/Muslim Extremist Terrorists. I do not believe that Corbyn or Labour would keep this Country safe. Corbyn is nothing but a bloody liar, the man who said time after time he would not ask the SNP to support him, then turns around and asks the SNP what a snide traitor Corbyn is, he is far too dangerous, he is out of control. Even old Labour cannot control him. Perhaps Opher you should look to yourself as to who is “supporting SCUM”


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