Evening drew in

she stood there alone

the water seemed calm

soon there would be

a full Moon


“How long have I stood here”

she heard herself say

she turned her head

there was no one there


Her Love

Her Life

he was gone

gone far away

will he return

who could but say


The Full Moon

had appeared

how beautiful it looked

was her Love

seeing as she

such a wonderful Moon


He had sailed away

far far away

to foreign lands

with others like he


“Come back come back to me”

the lone voice would call out

yet she heard her Love say

“”yes I’ll be back”


Evening after Evening

she stood in the same spot

watching the distance

looking for her Love


Yet soon she would learn

where her Love had sailed

to the Beaches of Normandy

she stared out to Sea

the tears that would fall

would heavie be

for her Love

he was Lost on the Beaches

on perhaps the Sea









Peggy Lee, one of, if not, the best female singers of her generation, such a seductive Lady and Singer.  “What are you doing for the rest of your life”, a favourite song of mine, well would be wouldn’t it, Romantic/Sad.

Please Remember all those who were there on D DAY and all other Wars


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