Blame can be placed

on the one you want

but perhaps look deeper

looking back


A certain man

a Traitor to boot

and there have been many

smarmy Traitors to look at

especially those

who find it easy

to defend Terrorists


A man by the name of Gove

reminded 4am this morn

in deep conversation

with my youngest Son

how Michael Gove started all this


As Politicians do

he “stabbed his Friend in the back”

his Friend who without doubt

would have taken “the top job”

but jealousy and rage

drove Gove to wield his dagger

“push push in the back of Boris Johnson”

like Brutus


Had this not happened

last night would not have

taken place

stupid and some ignorant

University/booze and drugs

the “smart arses”

got their way

and Terrorist lovers

got too far


Well perhaps it may turn out

this was the plan

sit back and let the opposition

do what they have always done

“borrowed borrowed borrowed money”

they could not pay back

remember Blairs Government

and the Note left by the “on his way out”

scouser Andy Burnham

“The Safe is empty”

as a former Labour Supporter

for most of my life

this is what Labour always do

they “f..k up the Country”


I cry and cry

knowing the bloody mess

that awaits from

maybe in the future

God Forbid

the liar and traitor Corbyn as PM


Thanks Grove

for the mess you created











Richard Wagner   –    Recognisable.


2 thoughts on “TRAITORS

  1. Not true at all Anna. When you get it in for someone you really go overboard. A while ago you were a card carrying Labour supporter. What went wrong?
    The Blair government was the only government that was in the black with the economy – the only one – who provided excellent services – education, NHS and social care. It is the Tories who mess everything up – time after time – running schools and hospitals, police and firefighters into the ground.
    When the world economy went haywire Brown borrowed to try to control things. The note was stupid.
    It wasn’t Gove who started all this but Cameron. He was trying to keep the rabid right on side for the election by promising them a referendum – putting party before country. He did not believe for a minute that Brexit would occur. That stupidity started the ball rolling. Johnson was the chancer who did not believe in Brexit but saw an opportunity to get the top job – selfish greed for power before the good of the country – he was knifed by the equally greedy, power-mad Gove. May had been sitting on the fence biding her time and knifed everyone else to get in unelected.
    The Labour manifesto is brilliant. The Tory one is abysmal.
    I fear you get caught up like a record on one thing – terrorism. I fear that it has stopped you thinking.
    The right wing of the Tory Party – the Nasty Party – are self-seeking scum.

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    1. I dont need your long winded insults or you’re patronizing me. You are the same age as me you remember Labour and you know the truth, the bodies lined up the bin bags the rats in every Town City and Callaghan “Crisis what Crisis” Blair and his corruption, and you praise him, where did the money come from, where did it go, their famous departing shot from that scouser Burnham. You may not like the way I speak openly and am not Politically Correct, NO I will not be. Call me what you want you referred to me as a Racist enough times, I don’t give a damn, you may not think Terrorism is an important matter, say that to those in London, Manchester and elsewhere. I am still a Card carrying member of the Labour Party, NOT ONCE did you ever answer my question are you a Member of the Labour Party, of course you are not. What hypocrisy you come out with “the poor, the police the nurses” only because you have family members in the nhs and the police. You worry about the poor you and your Excellent Pension from the State what a bloody hypocrite, look to yourself before you try to ridicule me. And, by the way “when you get it in for somebody you really go overboard”, NO what you can’t take is anyone correcting you and anyone telling the truth, but most of all Opher standing up to you. I FEAR absolutely FEAR that liar Corbyn and his gang and what they could do, all those no doubt Terrorists they will allow into the Country, their stupid policies, but mainly a Man who Openly Sympathizes with Hezbollah/Hamas, the IRA and Extremists MUSLIM Terrorists, one of his MPs last night she openly a few years back stated that a Butchering Extremists MUSLIM Leader should be allowed in this Country. This Country is ready to boil over now and there is slimey Corbyn and gang who have far too many ties with Terrorists and you approve of them, says a lot about you. This Country and People within will not take much more. Muslims defaced a Memorial to that young Soldier, Lee Rigby, hacked to death, practically beheaded on London Streets a few years ago, and what did the Judge or Magistrate do, far too worried/scared to give the real sentence, these muslim bastards got a few months. Up North Muslims are still taking and raping/sexually assaulting very young WHITE Girls, off the Streets, to them this is what they are allowed to do, and the justice here, these filthy Muslim bastards still walk our streets still do what they want – Justice? This is England, is it?


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