I have not been on the Internet too much of late, mainly because I have been feeling far from well.  Yet this afternoon, well a few moments ago I read on the Internet that the Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn who LOST the British General Election, has stated that the Homes of the Wealthy should be GIVEN to the victims of a Tower Block Fire that happened in London’s Kensington area the other night/morning.

Now all those idiots who Voted for Corbyn and his so called MANIFESTO, “THE WORDS OF CHAIRMAN CORBYN”, OBVIOUSLY ARE IN FULL AGREEMENT WITH “THE CHAIRMAN”  that the homes of the Wealthy in Kensington must be handed over to the homeless of this Fire.  Do we take it then that the Millionaire Jeremy Corbyn and his Millionaire Home will be included in being handed over to the homeless of the fire.  Of course NOT.

Corbyn has shown himself for what he is, and all the diatribe that will now be spouted by him and his little followers will not be worth reading.   I have kept away from doing an amount of work on the Internet because too much pain to be honest, but this Crap from the mouth of that idiot Corbyn, and his dangerous little sidekick who works for “The Guardian” Newspaper and provides all the words for Corbyn to spit out, just appalled me, not only with the rubbish that it is but all those that voted and support Corbyn.  Ask yourselves, will Corbyn hand over any of his Millions to the homeless.  The Answer Resoundly Is NO.



  1. That’s really interesting. I knew all the Tories were multimillionaires but I didn’t know Corbyn was as well. What jobs has he been doing on the side to earn that?
    But what a good idea, eh? to take all those empty houses bought by foreigners as an investment and deliberately left empty and give them to the victims of such a terrible incident. If all those empty properties were only taxed if they were left empty then we’d soon solve the housing crisis and bring down house prices so that youngsters can get on the housing ladder. What a great idea. These foreign investors are causing a right old mess, aren’t they? Ten of thousands of houses deliberately left empty.
    I didn’t know Corbyn had made such an interesting suggestion. !don’t know where you heard this Anna? I’ve been listening to the news and I can’t find it.
    Your tone towards the new Labour manifesto for fairness, equality and proper funding of the public services seemed a trifle disparaging. Does this mean that you are now a Tory supporter as well?

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    1. Thank you for your comment, I love to hear what the thought is in America about our Election. I was very upset at Theresa May I had put so much trust in her, but she has got to be stronger. As for Corbyn, yes we were luck to have dodged him, he is a very dangerous man and far too many Extreme Far Left followers. He was a “nutter” on the “Back Benches” in Parliament for so many years, he would have totally ruined this Country and its is a terrible mess as it is, but the Tories have to be stronger. Many thanks for your comments I enjoyed. Thank you I am feeling better.

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