I like the Birds in my Garden

in fact I love the Birds

but right now

with the sweat pouring from me

I dislike Birds


I did not go to bed last night

and dozed off

in my bedroom armchair

on and off I closed my eyes


To be woken by rustling

loud, loud, rustling

I went out into my Landing

and wham I just avoided

a Female Magpie

whizzing past me

she has broken the landing

ceiling light


How do I know its a female

her two Babies

are sitting on my Bird table

crying for her


I have spent nearly three hours

trying to get this Bird out

but No

she has decided to settle

in my eldest Sons bedroom

on his Balcony


I have managed to open

all the windows

so she can go

but will she



I have used the broom

the floor mop

and whatever else I can find

she will not budge


I think the neighbours

and passers by

must think me mad

as I am waving Tea Towels

Bath towels

to get this Bird out

but the neighbours probably

think me mad anyway


She has settled

on top of a Wooden toy Castle

its large and obviously comfortable

and has decided to rest


As for me I am dripping

from the heat

today has to be the hottest

I am cut, scraped

from all the junk on the balcony

and all the “things”

in my Sons bedroom

I have lost count

how many times I fell over

in my Son’s room


I have tried to avoid all his Guitars

and Amps and all the other rubbish

I am exhausted need a coffee

The Baby Magpies are still crying

meanwhile Mommy seems to be having fun


Me, forget the coffee

make it a

Gin and Tonic




Some interesting facts.  Intelligent, Yes but I want my one just to leave this House.








11 thoughts on ““MAGPIE, THANKS FOR WAKING ME”

      1. that can only harm you Anna, that’s why you are not well … we all need sleep to build up our immune systems and live healthy lives 🙂
        have you got my email or do you need it to forward that interview?

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Kate could you let me have the email so I can send it to you. I know you will find it boring. As for the sleep thing you are so right the boys keep on at me, that I am not helping myself, I feel unsteady on my feet all the time, wobbly, in pain of course and I know doing myself damage not sleeping, I wish to God I could stop this nonsense and get back to normal sleep.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. How right you are “what a day” this House is a NUT House, if anything goes wrong its here it happens. The two babies were on the Bird table most of the time crying, Magpies are quite big birds, she settled in the Castle but thank God she had eventually flown out, by late afternoon. I have bruises that have come out this morning on my arms and legs from yesterday. You feeling better. I had an appointment come through this afternoon for July to discuss “Pain Management – nothing to do with the Specialist and my leg. This is from my own Doctor and all the tabs I take I guess.


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