Tell me that you Love me

as we lay beneath the Redwoods

and let the World just pass


Can’t we always be together

as constant as the Sea

the soil that lays beneath us

solid as you and me


This World moves far too fast

and no longer as it was

people far too difficult

too nasty

and there is no Love


Hold me close

my Darling

as I need to feel your body


Just kiss me

lets always be together

strong like the above

Redwoods that tower so high

let us always

be in Love



















Bobby Goldsboro



9 thoughts on “LOVE ME

  1. Pretty much. I seem to get in trouble when I’m trying to maneuver my way around the house. Like yesterday… Or did I tell you this last night?

    Did I tell you Stef called and wanted me to watch the kids while they went and signed papers for their house? We’ll only be gone about an hour, she said. I panicked big time. We’ll sit them down in front of the TV, they’ll be fine, she said. I told her, you DO realize I can’t get downstairs to them, right?

    So I called poor Arn to come home. He got here about 2. They were supposed to be here about 3:15. When he got home I came into the living room to get the mail for him. I leaned down to pick it up from the table by my chair, lost my balance (well, I don’t have much at this point), and face-planted myself right into my chair. I couldn’t straighten my legs to stand, no strength in my arms to lift. All I could do was bend over like that with my keister up in the air and holler. Thank GOD he was home or I’d have either collapsed and knocked over the laptop or I’d still have been standing like that when the kids got here. Can hear it now, Grandma!! What a big butt you have!!! They got BACK here at 7! Doesn’t take four hours to sign papers.

    The rest of the day was like that until around 7. That seems to be standard every day. No strength during he day, but come nighttime things seem to improve. So Arn and I made a decision last night. I looked up what the duration is that prednisone stays in your body, about 12-18 hours, and I’m splitting those three pills up, spacing them throughout the day. I took one before bed last night and sure enough this morning I have a bit more git-up-and-go. So we’ll see what happens. I can’t get my muscle strength back if I’m too weak to DO anything. And he’s (the doc) already told me my muscles are fine, it’s the communication between nerves an muscles that is screwed up. So we’re going to give this a shot and see how it works.

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    1. God, did you hurt yourself, sounds awful. Its too much for you to look after is it four? young active children, an hour looking after them is a lot but four plus hours. You must think about “CHERYL” now, you have spent so long caring for others, you must come first now. I am the same with ther Liquid Morphine I am on, the Morphine Patches are ok but the liquid Morphine knocks me out. Supposed to take it first thing in the morning and when I go to bed, but the latter if I do that I don’t wake until the afternoon. I don’t take it at night now I take it during the day.

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      1. Medications mystify me. I was reading about prednisone last night and realized for the first time it doesn’t stack up in your system. It’s used up after about 12 hours. So I took an extra 20 mg. last night, and today instead of taking three at breakfast, I spread them out over the day. I’ve had a bit more energy. His lordship went and got some groceries after I made a list, and I put them away when he got home. Baby steps! I think I may have made the right change to the med.

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    2. Excellent Cheryl I hope it works out for you. I am trying to cut down on the liquid Morphine, it just knocks me out, I think that is why I am forcing myself to stay awake I hate this being in bed for too long makes me look so lazy.

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      1. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say it didn’t work the way we’d hoped it would. I got up at 6:15 and showered as best I could to go to church. Been two months since I’ve been able to go. I was DONE IN by 7:00. Back to the drawing board…


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