Cleaning Silver

polish it well

how it shines

makes the job worthwhile


Summer Sun

Summer heat

sweltering in this

makes me want

to make Love


Cool breezes

through white curtains

Sea breezes blow

two bodies lay there

entwined in Love


No words to speak

just lips and tongues

and soft hands

that touch

just making Love


Then one looks down

and Silver boxe still to be cleaned

Oh boy, oh boy

it was a good Dream

as it lasted

as I drank cold orange juice

and put my feet up












Rod McKuen, too remarkable to be forgotten.




















14 thoughts on “SILVER

    1. It was hard cleaning the Silver, its a job I dislike, Jonathan does it sometimes for me. Just standing for long periods like that causes me real pain. Believe me poppet, since all this leg business started the House is not as it should be, I have left so much go and it gets to me that I can’t do all the House or Garden. It was fantastic talking to you the other afternoon, “What A Marvellous Surprise”, I could not believe it when my Son said it was you. He has managed to get your phone number off our Phone and I shall phone you next time, its only fair, it was just wonderful talking to you. You are going through so much, look at the pair of us, our plans cancelled so upsetting. You must take special care of yourself. When you finally make your trip, if you sail into Cork, maybe I can make the trip to Cork to meet you. God Bless you, love to you all – Annaxxxx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes! Cork is on of the tops!!! So do we have a date next year in May? I have a feeling if we don’t go then we probably won’t ever make it. This crap is supposed to get worse as you age. 😦

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Thats how I feel about San Francisco, if I don’t go next year I doubt I will ever make it after that. Yes, you are right they say all the pains etc get worse with age. Didn’t go to bed last night, but strangely I feel ok, may try and get to bed early tonight. Yes, yes, I can fly Ryanair to Cork, I know Cork well, well I used to! My Cousin tells me it is full of immigrants. I might stay for four nights perhaps. It would be so wonderful to see you, trouble is we both love to talk? It would be good fun.

        Liked by 1 person

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