Kitten GIF

This is wonderful enjoy as I have.

Purrrr Cats

Siamese, Cat Pics, Feline

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11 thoughts on “Kitten GIF

      1. Too much wine, good for you enjoy yourself. Any chance of another good “pose”, when I draw my curtains in my Living Room – night and morning – I always have a glance across to see you, have a glass of Wine for me please Rob.


    1. Like you Cheryl, one day good one day bad. Doing the garden took it out of me for several days. I need desperately to get my hair done, its getting long and needs tidying up it definitely needs the colour seen too, grey at the sides and I dislike that, might make me feel better. No Silver thank God not for another month at least. How are you poppet? I am doing, well supposed to be doing, ironing. I have Jonathan’s bedding to iron and four shirts, done one but thought I would have a break, hence this.

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      1. You have put me to shame. I actually watched the four young Jun Horde this afternoon and did the laundry — AFTER Arn figured out how to get me all the way downstairs!!! When I finally got back up I zonked out immediately!!! But hey! I did something! AND I GOT MY HAIR CUT FRIDAY MORNING! Thank God!

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    2. Good for you, a little at a time, and it can be so exhausting. Trouble with me is I am so stubborn I try not to give in and cause myself more pain, my Sons tell me I am my own worst enemy, probably right. Glad you got your hair cut, me next I need it trimmed and the Grey TAKEN OUT. Hope Arn is alright.

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    3. I bet you do Poppet, I know how I feel a Prisoner here in my own Home at times, no matter how big it is i still feel locked in. Have to plan for days just to think about doping the Garden. Back in March I think it was or April I last went out, apart from Dr and Specialist, no where. Shopping Online or sometimes Jonathan will pick up some items from Marks and Spencers, do you have Marks and Spencers over there. Who would have believed we would have ended up like this Cheryl. I brushed the Drive this morning, one of the bin bags, put out for collection, a Seagull ripped open, all cut up papers scattered everywhere. No point asking sister, BENEATH HER. Had to take painkillers when I came in, its awful this life at times isn’t it Cheryl.

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