You may call me pompous, but I feel Standards should still exist and Rules in places like Britain’s House of Commons should stand.

Yesterday, the Speaker John Bercow, allowed all Male MPs the freedom of not wearing Neckties anymore in the Chamber.  WRONG, WRONG.

There is such a thing as decorum is it really too much to ask for.  Tradition must also play its place, I am sorry but I felt so utterly disgusted when my youngest Son told me what had taken place.

Britain is no longer the Country I was Born into, the Country that I Love.  It is being destroyed day by day hour by hour.

We have all the hypocrisy of the MPs especially the Labour ones and in particularly their Leader, that off the rails Jeremy Corbyn.  Corbyn has become one of these so called “celebs” God help us, he is off his head.

He turns up at Glastonbury Festival, in a £90 Shirt “Man of the Poor”? and then goes on about the Government and wastage here we have a multi millionaire, like his Brothers, mostly Inherited.  Preaching to those idiots who soak up all his rubbish, whilst he exploits the wastage of money, goes on about the Environment whilst he has wasted fuel, getting to the Festival.  Hypocrite such a hypocrite.

Now I read this “No More Neckties fits in with “modern Britain Man” – don’t make me laugh modern Britain you mean a Britain where the majority cannot speak their minds, where the Majority Voted to Come OUT of Europe, and Won, then the Sour Pusses and Cry Babies demanded a recount.

This is a Country that asks Taxpayers to pay for those in Grenfell Tower blaze to be rehoused in Luxury Apartments, whilst those people who actually paid Rent and did not have their Rent paid by Benefits, are forced to use their own money to try and find suitable housing for themselves.

This Country has wasted Billions and Billions and Billions on these ridiculous waste of time Enquiries, we now have one on this Grenfell Tower.  Then I read some cockney singer called Adell in her American Concerts is begging for money for the “victims of the fire”, don’t be idiots in America do not give money, she has enough of her own money exactly how much has she put into this so called Fund?|  Thats the Question?

This Country like America has become obsessed with TV so called numskull “celebs”, people seem brain dead when it comes to general knowledge but their know what “celeb” is shacked up with what “celeb”?  Give me strength.  People either DRUNK or DRUGGED or Both.  Have these individuals who then waste NHS money or need the Police to stop them killing each other, either way my Taxes are paying for it and I resent it.

The flood gates have been opened here and far too many Immigrants/migrants are allowed in, no proper checking on Terrorists.  I think the World is fully aware of the Terrorists attacks that have taken place, and wait for it there are more to come of that one can be sure.  We are too Lax and FAR, FAR TOO TOLERANT.

One cannot hang the St George’s Cross Flag for fear of being attacked or called a Racist, I have been called a Racist does not bother me, I will speak my mind I will not be dictated to by Corbyn and all his little cronies around the place.  I will fly my Flag and if people don’t like it, tell me.  I have the right to fly the Flag of my Country England, the Country where I was born a long time ago and the Country I have always loved and been proud of.

Now I watch and shed tears for the way my Country is being destroyed, not by the Tories that some would say but by all those outsiders, all those that want to destroy this once FINE Country.

Tourism is definitely down and will continue to be, our Standards are being demolished, so very sad.  I am glad I have less years ahead than behind, I saw the good times, now what for the Children of the future.  People in this Country need to Wake Up and stop this Country being destroyed.

This is the Country that fought Two World Wars, one on its own for many years.  But, I praise all those not from the UK who came here who fought alongside the British in two World Wars.

I grew up in the 1950s and this Country was still trying to get itself back, after the War whilst the Germans were rebuilding their Country.  I feel pain for all those Brave Men and Women who fought in the Wars who Sacrificed their life for Freedom, how ashamed they would be if they could see this Country now, those from this Country who gave their all.  Its said “move on move on stop looking backwards” but we should look backwards to see how things were and how we have destroyed so much and how ungrateful People in my Country have become when it comes to Remember all those that Fought So Hard.  Not Forgetting Korea, the “Forgotten War” and all the subsequent Battles we and the Allies we are so grateful for, have fought.

There is nothing I can do about the rule now to allow MPs not to wear neckties, I can and will complain to my new Tory MP, what good it will do, who knows.

I will keep on fighting for my Country, keep on making my opinions known until I can no longer draw any breath.



2 thoughts on “NO DECORUM

    1. I am just glad Cheryl that I have less years ahead than behind, there is no future here for the Children. This Country is too soft we let anything happen, we have to pull it back, but I find people are too weak. What the hell is wrong with everyone, when our Generation is gone Cheryl, God help them. American once strong and the Leader of the World, proud and our strongest friend. We will see NO Europe, No France, No Germany, No Italy etc it will all be swallowed up by a powerful Eastern Europe who will control everything, they have No Muslim problems there, good or bad. We had the best, the UK and America needs to wake up take control put its foot down be Strong again, but I can’t see it in our lifetime.


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