I have just been reminded by seeing a lovely fellow Bloggers Post, “Waldina”, that today is the 56th Birthday of Our Stunningly Beautiful HRH Diana, Princess of Wales.  It will be 20 years the end of August since that terrible night in  Paris when we had our beautiful future Queen taken from us.

But, today would have been her 56th Birthday, Diana, Princess of Wales will always be the Most Beautiful Woman in the World and the most wanted wherever she went.  You all know the stories by now the dreadful things that were done to Her, the way Her Husband, so called Prince of Wales stabbed her in the back, he cheated on Her all the time and She loved him so.

“Charlie” believes that he can Force that “ratbag” wife of his on this Country, the UK.  He can not, will not.  I firmly believe that when the Queen dies, if Diana’s Sons do not want the Throne that we should become a Republic.

“Charlie” is not fit to be King and that “ratbag” is so hated in this Country, despite “Charlie” believing the b…h will be accepted, she will not.  She is an adulterous and will always be regarded as that, the Ugly old bag.

Our beautiful Diana was Taken from us, on that dreadful night, They can try and con us as much as They want but People know the Truth.

As we Remember Diana, it is with smiles and seeing her as the innocent young Girl on her Wedding Day and how They knew that Diana was going to be used it was unforgivable, never mind the millions of Pounds that the so called Wedding cost.  The Queen so spitefully removed HRH from Diana and that hurt Her deeply and Her Sons, but to the majority in this Country Diana will always be “HRH”.

Diana was Love she gave so much Love and in return We Loved Her.  Diana’s beauty shone out she captured the World, her husband was so envious but Diana was more than a Beautiful Face she had Love and Warmth and genuine caring in Her Heart for Her Fellow Man.

Diana, Princess of Wales  –  56 years Today, God Bless her.






Some of the following is very biased against Diana, but I believe the World knows the truth of what was done to Our Future Beautiful Queen, HRH Diana Princess of Wales.   Diana 56 years Today.











    1. Kate, first of all YES the Royal Family have answers to be given but the truth by them will not be told, Diana always said what would happen to her, and by God they destroyed that beautiful Girl. The Queen etc were lucky to survive when they refused to come back to London, remember that.

      Kate, its 6.04 here and I have not been to bed yet I have watching the most incredible Boxing Match from Brisbane, with my youngest Son and I have been shouting and screaming at the most unbelievable young man who fought like a Tiger, his name is Jeff Horn. Have you been watching the Match. PURE AUSTRALIAN GUTS, God Australia has to be so proud. He is a TRUE comic book Hero, and I have never seen such a most fantastic boxing Match. Well done to this young Teacher and well done to Australia, you sure are one of the gutsiest Countries. Can’t go to bed now. Australia has a new Hero and what a Credit to the youngsters of Australia (by God we need someone like that here in the UK). Enjoy your Sunday afternoon/evening. I am so excited.

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      1. No not into pugilism in any way but I take my hat off to Horn, he only started fighting to stand up to bullies, the media tried to hound him into making the usual brain dead agro comments before a fight and he persisted in being mr nice guy .. good on him … most pleased to hear he won, I’m just back from a long beach walk 🙂

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    2. Hope you enjoyed the walk Kate. Sorry if I sounded over excited but this young man had guts and determination to win, and its not often one can watch a True Hero like that in Sport. I am not a great lover of Boxing, used to watch it with my Father when I was a girl, hate the blood, but I like to watch someone like this Teacher, reminded me of our Henry Cooper. Australia should be proud.

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      1. great to hear you so excited about anything Anna! I’ve since read about the fight and apparently Horn didn’t look good .. they suggested stopping the fight and he came back with guts and determination, he is indeed a real hero 🙂

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    3. Yes Kate, the American Referee did all he could to stop the fight, making it a win for the other boxer, but Horn’s side said NO and rightly so, my Son said there would be uproar if Horn did not win, he had the fight. Not often one gets the chance to see someone with such courage. I do get excited over things Kate, you want to hear me shouting when big football matches are on!!

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      1. Yes you did indeed watch a real piece of history as it happened 🙂
        In that vein this is a very inspiring book to read
        “The Power of One” is a novel by Australian author Bryce Courtenay, first published in 1989. Set in South Africa during the 1930s and 1940s. It has some pugilism in it so this chat reminded me of it .. you will love it Anna 🙂


    1. Indeed Cheryl, the Royals did wrong to that girl from the very first moment, they are a bunch of hypocrites. When the Queen refused to come back to London after the Death of Diana and the British Public were calling for the Queen, she ignored us. Never before have I witnessed the Queen coming so close, so very close to losing it all. She was actually booed when she did return to London and went to look at the flowers at Kensington Palace/Gardens/Mall. Blair stepped in, then PM, saw the chance for himself and encouraged the Queen to return, she did and JUST held her Throne. As for “Tampax man, Charlie Boy”, Diana said it many times and famously in THAT Interview, He is not fit to be King, as for that ugly old b…h of his she is so detested, never mind the papers on behalf of “Tampax man” trying to convince the world his so called wife is loved. This Country will not move forward until they become a Republic, Diana’s Sons do not want the Throne, after the Queen they should all step down. All the Taxpayers money that has been wasted on them.

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    2. The Boys watched their Mother being put through hell, William has said he remembered passing tissues under the bathroom door to his Mother as she cried and that he found the Queen removing HRH from Diana on her Divorce as unfair, it was more than that it showed the Queen for what she was. It was a very spiteful vengeful act. Charlie Boy in those infamous Tapes all the years ago stated that “I want to be a Tampax inside you body so I can always be in you” that was said to that old W…e Camilla, what kind of Man says that how can he be King, not fit to be. Thats why he is known by “Tampax Man” just in case you wondered. We were told way way back by one of his Equerries that there were things that made Him unfit for the Throne. Personally when the Queen Dies, that should be the end of the Monarchy. We must become a Republic. Take a look at the European Monarchy and see how they behave, they are perfect. What they did to Diana, Our Future Our One and Only Future Queen, they got rid of and in a way She has done the same for them. That Night in Paris, did “They” think that the British Public were so gullible that they would believe in a Car Accident. They got rid of Three and Paid and Threatened the other One off, who was one of them anyway. They cannot do anything to Mohammed Al Fayed because it would be too obvious, He knows far too much. As does that ginger bitch, she will stick to the ex Husband, she knows far too much on the Royals, they can’t shut her up.

      I have a lot of books on Diana, if you want them they are yours.

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      1. I had never heard that expression until you used it in the post. That’s like totally gross! Thanks so much for the offer of the books, but I now have THREE to be read shelves in the morning room. I doubt I’ll ever get to them! LOL

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    3. Thats ok poppet. It is a gross statement he is a gross person like his Father. Charles treated Diana appallingly their language as a Family in front of Diana, their sexual comments in front of her, that camilla is known to be an utterly gross individual, always smoking sex mad, Diana said it all and how she was not brought up like them. In fact Diana had more “Blue blood” than the Royals, don’t forget they are German and through the Father Greek. Diana was PURE British unlike the Queen.

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