Drops of pure

Spring sparkling water

that runs from the Mountains

that the raindrops pour into


Pure cyrstal clear

water that shines

how fresh

how sweet

to the lips


Like the pure Blood

that runs from the wrists

not cut across

but cut down


Pure Blood

that runs

and one starts

to sleep


Pure Blood

like the crystal clear

sparkling water

runs and runs


As one sleeps

and sleeps






Reminds me of fetching Spring water from my Nana’s Spring in Ireland in the 1950’s, happier times.







14 thoughts on “PURE

    1. Thank you, and no Kate I have no intention of doing that. I have to say though I’m exhausted and that this leg pain has since Christmas been too much. Not being able to walk properly I fear that my love of walking may stop. The Dr never listened to me from Christmas. The end I do not fear, at times I welcome an end to all this mind and physical pain.

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    1. We are very alike and strange neither of us have any idea how we met over the internet – it was meant to be I guess. One day we have to meet physically, I wonder which one of us would be talking the longest!!

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    2. You and I HAVE to get together, whether it be here finally in London No Terrorists permitted , or Cork City or pray God finally I will get to SF and you might be able to make it, we have to meet and hug and talk – poor Arn, he will be bored. Do you mind me asking Cheryl, did you say you use a Wheelchair, the reason I ask is my Sons keep asking why won’t I let them hire one and they can take me for a Walk, damn it I sound like a Dog. Only I feel if I give in just once to a Wheelchair thats the end, what is your view? Hope you dont mind me asking Cheryl.

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      1. Yeah, I have used a wheelchair when I want to go out and I know I can’t walk too far. I’ve used it at church, too. Cindy had an extra one that didn’t work for Greg so I can keep it for as long as I want. I need to wait and see if I’m going to have flare ups with this. It’s not ideal, and only once have I felt like I needed to say sorry to someone for getting in their way. But hell! It’s MY world, too, no matter HOW I get around. But then I’m bull-headed that way. Haven’t been able to use a walker because I haven’t had enough strength in my arms. But that’s getting better. Tomorrow I’m going to try and tackle getting some groceries. I may have to take it. I have to say it’s given me a new perspective on things…

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    3. I am stubborn too, thats why I push myself to do things I do not want to give in Cheryl I do that and thats the end for me, I just have to keep going. My problem is because of the extreme pain in my right leg, I have spent since Christmas pushing my right fist into my right thigh so I can walk and that means I am even more bent over, and now thats my problem. Good for you with the wheelchair, I didn’t know its an electric one which is even better for you.

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