She laid there

her life before her

tears ran down her face

teardrops fell

gently onto her ample bosoms


No more

oh no more

would He

hold those bosoms

place them to his lips


No more would she

feel those soft hands of his

gentle stroke her body

sweep from her bosoms

down to her thighs

to between her legs

his gentle lips

that made her weep


Cry softly

as he thrust himself

over and over

as she clung so tight to him

He was not here


Gone, gone from her

the Love she knew

the Man of her Heart

her Lover

her Life


To the World beyond

thats where he was

and to there she must go

and go quickly


No lingering

now with one quick

sharp cut of his knife

watch as her blood spurted

onto pure white sheets

where they both once laid

where lovers were entwined


She closed her eyes

to see Him

her lover

her life

and together



His soft hands

would caress that body

she gave so willingly

she would feel him

inside her again


the Lovers

never to be parted









Madam Callas “The Angels Voice” as my late Husband called her.  (He had Greek Blood, his Mother’s Father was from Salonika).   Sit back, relax, have a glass of Wine, close your eyes, listen and try not to cry.




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