DUNKIRK  –  May 26 to June 4, 1940

The bloody Beaches of Dunkirk will long be remembered by those brave Men who fought for their lives, who fought to survive and GO HOME, all they wanted.

The Army and Navy always said they were let down by the RAF, the Men on the Beaches in water in blood knew and said they were let down by Britain’s RAF, the little “Cockleshell” Boats and all the other little fishing boats every type of little boat that headed to the Bloody Beaches of Dunkirk to save the Men who were fighting to survive, knew the RAF were letting them down.  Now for the first time the TRUTH is known, the RAF were a disgrace.

No one knows unless you were there, what it was like what went through those Mens minds, their Bodies tired and worn out but they still had to survive.

The perfect German Stuka planes that would dive bomb the men on the Beaches, hit their target.  Men screaming, praying fighting for their lives.  Crying for their lives, Men praying to God, always at times like those People find God, maybe after they lose their Faith in God, not for us to judge.

Laying on the Bloody Sands of Dunkirk.  For days and days men tried to survive, HMS Ships bombed by the Germans, ONE SHIP, SIX HUNDRED Men perished in the Seas apart from one man  who was on board smoking a cigarette, he survived.

“The Crested Eagle” lays in the water of the sands of Dunkirk to this day.  “The Crested Eagle” was a Day Trip Paddle Steamer that would travel from the Thames to Southend-on-Sea, Essex – possibly the Paddle Steamer that would go from Clacton-on-Sea where I live to the Thames may have gone to Dunkirk to rescue those poor Souls trying to survive those dreadful hours.  Clacton-on-Sea to this day in the Season has Day trips to and from the Thames.  That night in Dunkirk “The Crested Eagle” arrived to collect Men from the Beaches, the Paddle Steamer packed its decks with over 300 men from the Beaches, Men worn out physically and mentally.  Then as the Paddle Steamer moved out to sail HOME, Home to Safety, Men’s bodies torn and bleeding from bullets, laid on the crowded decks weeping praying to God praying that soon very soon they would be Home, Home to safety, Home to the Loving Arms of those that loved them most.  The Stukas attacked, the Stukas dive bombed, the Paddle Steamer.  Bomb after Bomb after Bomb until it Sunk.

Men who managed to survive said they saw Friends, Colleagues Officers burning to death, one man remembered the only way he could recognise one of the officers was by what he was wearing, his face was melting, the skin was falling off.  Dear God none of us can imagine what it was like, yet what respect do we have for all those lives lost, all those that survived, those still alive still bearing the scars physically and mentally.

Here in the UK I feel ASHAMED on Remembrance Sunday when I see neighbours who can’t even stand for One Minute Silence, they would sooner clean their cars.  All Young and Old should remember Dunkirk and all Wars all Battles then and now, never ever forget the bravery that these Men and Women portray on our behalf.

In Clacton-on-Sea we are famous for our lovely Gardens along the Promenade, in particular we have a Remembrance Garden, plaques with Names, Seats with Brass plates bearing the names of Loved ones.  It saddens me that in this lovely Garden I never see Korea mentioned.  Men fought, Men died from all Nations, they should be Remembered.  I feel so sad about this, I hope to do something.  It is a lovely Garden to sit in to pay respects to all those who so bravely fought.

My own late Husband, David, was in the RAF, he was a Wireless Operator, based in India/Burma where the RAF and especially the British Army and all the Allied Troops were trying to stop the Japanese from getting through to India.  My Husband would never talk about Dunkirk and the RAFs part and why the men on the Beaches always said the RAF were not there those nights when they were crawling for help.

The truth is now that the the RAF were not there to save all those poor, poor Men on the Beaches, the RAF was there fighting the Germans.  It is an utter disgrace to now claim that the Men on the Beaches “Did not see” the RAF Planes in the sky above the beaches of Dunkirk.

Those Men on the Beaches did not see them because the RAF WAS NOT THERE.  The Navy the Army were let down.  Not for the first time were mistakes made that cost hundreds if not thousands of Mens lives.

I am fascinated by Arnhem and the mistakes made there the disastrous mistakes.  As portrayed in that harrowing and truthful film by Dickie Lord Attenborough.  “A Bridge Too Far”, for me the final scenes sum it all up when Sean Connery portraysMajor General Urquhart answers to Lt. General Frederick “Boy” Browning question “They’ve got a bed upstairs if you want it”  –  Urquhart states  “I TOOK 10,000 OF OUR FINEST TROOPS TO ARNHEM I’VE COME BACK WITH LESS THAN 2,000 I DON’T FEEL MUCH LIKE SLEEPING”, and that moron Browning (whose wife was Daphne Du Maurier) answers “WELL I ALWAYS SAID WE WENT A BRIDGE TOO FAR”.

“A Bridge too Far” that cost how many thousands of lives, those in charge how many of those desk morons gave a damn for those Men fighting killing trying to survive trying to get home.  They did not care they cared here for their Titles, for their Lands for their bloody Medals.  My Husband had Medals, he never wore them, I cleaned them made him wear them on Remembrance Sundays.  The year after he Died, on that Remembrance Sunday I cleaned them and our eldest Son wore them with pride.  I was born 1949, the War long over but I honour all those that fight for my Freedom, the Freedom of my Sons the Freedom of US ALL.

Dunkirk, the Beaches no longer bloody.  But, Bombs still found, the wreck of  “The Crested Eagle” still lays there in the waters under the sand.  How many here in my Country, the UK, will Remember all those that Died?












Montgomery’s “cock up”  –  No wonder General Eisenhower wanted rid of him.  Arnhem “Market Garden”  some very interesting Propaganda here to look at.  Do not forget Churchill made disastrous mistakes too.



Here in Clacton-on-Sea, not far from where I live, there’s a plaque down by the Beach, what is known by us as the Donkeys Beach.  Around the First World War, Churchill’s Bi Plane Crashed.




  1. I was interested to read some figures [vague now] that in all the battles lead by UK Australians have had the most deaths, Ireland second .. UK used us as fodder insisting on battles that were obvious slaughter .. guess it’s easier to do when it’s other peoples lives .. the ones who returned live with the nightmare, nobody wins in war 😦

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    1. Kate, don’t think it was the people of the UK who used Australian Troops, the British were used as well. It was the bastards behind the desks people like Montgomery, people like Churchill who made a gigantic “cock up” in the First World War with Australian Troops. I have always admired the way that the Australians are always ready to go in and fight, even Vietnam. Dunkirk, Normandy how many more mistakes were made. Normandy where they sent those poor devils to the wrong beaches and their Deaths. Even in recent years, our own Troops was it 6 or 12 of British Troops who were left surrounded by Terrorists and they died the most awful deaths. Our Troops are expected to fight and they don’t even have the correct Boots to wear. The UK is Class ridden and until they get rid of that nothing will change, until we become a Republic nothing will change.

      Men volunteer to fight for “Us” not for the Politicians or Generals, but it is them that determine whether those Brave Men survive. I am grateful to all that Australia has done for us, I am just one person. I hope Australia will always be our Friend.

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      1. I’m sure they will Anna .. we still defer to your royals which is SO ridiculous .. not even able to think for ourselves we blindly defer to UK and US like an adoring younger sibling 😦

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    2. Australia is a Great Country, you don’t need anyone you are strong on your own. I was due to have an Australian Doctor the day my first Son was Born, but I was late and the Doctor had to fly back to Australia, he was lovely funny and a great help. I hope before its too late I may make a trip to Australia.

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    3. Yes Kate, I do dream if I didn’t dream I would have nothing to look forward to. But, Australia I would like to see Sydney especially the Opera House, I have my reasons. Like San Francisco, its no dream, I was preparing to go had my Hotel booked, flights, wardrobe full of new clothes and some now unworn black Lingerie for no one to see. When the Dr marked me “unfit” no insurance company would give me cover. I just have to get all this right leg and pain sorted. So I continue to “dream” and plan SF and Sausalito etc.

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    1. Yes I want to see the film as well, but I understand they have put some stupid pop singer in it, so it will be all screaming girls here. Daphne Du Maurie – they were married a long time but she had her “girlfriend” within the marriage and he had his “friends” like Mountbatten – get my meaning. She was not the nice woman that was sometimes seen and the husband “Boy” Browning was an incompetent piece of s..t from the British Establishment. Sorry these people annoy me.

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