The other night, or really around 6am to 7am, my normal bedtime now, if thats what you can call it, I decided I needed to prune a Tree in my front Garden I have several, but this one don’t ask me what it is.  All I know is in the Summer you can sometimes find reams of white flowers on it, maybe you know what the Tree is called?

Well I made the decision that if I got into bed for a few hours, when I got up I would not want or feel like going out into my front garden to work.  Taking all the necessary joys of the day, pain killers, liquid Morphine and a small glass of Baileys, all designed to take away the constant pain I am in, fails most of the time.  I got ready, did my washing hung it all out and headed out to the Garden with all the necessary tools.

I looked at the Tree, there was no one around thank goodness, no one to stop me.  I stared at the Tree and wondered how the hell was I going to reach the high up branches, yes I have a long Tree lopper and I stretch as far as pain permits and balance – Don’t Ask. No point bringing out the fairish new Ladder I purchased, the  Garden safety ladder in our Barn is too heavy for me to get out, apart from anything else I can’t figure out how to set it up.  So I purchased a smaller one I keep in my Porch for the front garden, but its Heavy, too Heavy.  I dragged it out of the Porch over the step down the path, across one Lawn and then, well I might have known.

One leg on the ladder got caught in a shrub down the ladder went with me on top of it still holding onto it for life.  “No, no gosh heavens” and all nice words like that!!!!  Came from my mouth, now considering I have high Conifer hedging along the front separated by a drive and two Paths, somewhere from the other side of the Conifers I heard this male voice “are you alright, you seem in a bit of bother, do you need any help”, feeling embarrassed and a fool, which is not unusual for me, I said in response “thank you I am alright, sorry about what you heard” to which this nice man said laughing “well as long as you are alright”, now I just hope as he passed the centre path he did not see me sprawled across the ladder still holding on stuck half on the lawn and half on a shrub.

After getting myself up off the ground picking up the ladder, and not using it.  I went to hack away at the Tree, all was going well I done the sides and the bits I could reach, apart from the Sun in my eyes, it was a very hot day.  Then thinking to myself hopefully I won’t be out here long, my next door neighbour stopped on her way to the shops, I don’t like standing at the gate talking, especially when I want to get work done, my time is limited because my pain intensifies during the day.    That was not the only time I was stopped by people passing, I hate to be rude but I just wish I could pull a screen down in my garden and no one could see me.

I managed, don’t ask how, to reach the top branches I pulled and pulled at the Tree, it looked alright but then one problem I had to pick up, cut in half and bag all the branches and bits and pieces that took just as long, my arms were bleeding my thumb on right hand and two fingers on left hand were all cut, I bleed easily these days thanks to “Warfarin” drug.  These wonderful drugs we have to take.  I take so many at night and in the morning I should have shares in the drug companies.

When I finally finished and tidied up, all I wanted to do was have a cup of Tea, well I am English and of Irish Blood, the two biggest Tea Drinkers.  I had already demolished a bottle of 7Up, something I should not have as I am Diabetic.  I washed myself had two cups of Tea, then collapsed in an armchair in the cool Living room and fell asleep for 2 hours.

That night as I went to get a nice long bubble bath, I looked in the Mirror and there was I burnt nose, forehead all red, I looked even worse the next morning.

I did get into bed just after 6am and slept until 9, when I got up I was full of the joys of Summer and decided time to tackle the Roses in the back that seem to have developed a life of their own.   Of Course I did not, I got up barely unable to get to the Bathroom every move was agony, got back to my bedroom had already taken at 6am the days tablets, so now all I could have were just painkillers and a spoon never mind the spoon I take from the bottle a swig of Liquid Morphine, I wear a Morphine Patch have done for years but makes no difference to me but I can’t go without the Dr tells me.  He increased the dosage of liquid morphine I could take, does it help yes I guess so with the painkillers and the small glass of Baileys I take.

My Dog, Daisy, came to visit and finding my glass of Baileys resting on the floor, she decided to have a swig, she didn’t even stop when I turned around and caught her, must say she looked as though she enjoyed it.

Well, if you have been kind enough to read this, you will see why I said “Not really exciting”.    Tune in again for some more “adventures”, or not.  Take care,  Anna.







For no other reason, I love the tune/song  –  it was from the great film “The Sandpiper” with Elizabeth Taylor/Richard Burton/EvaMarie Saint.



    1. i know Opher, I was more concerned what I looked like stuck on the ground than what I did. Some years ago I purchased a proper Garden safety ladder, but its too heavy for me to move and its got these things on the legs that you have to lock into place, I can’t figure them out. After that fall in February I am worried about falling especially, hip joints. Your Jazz Festival looked great, loved the Gardens.


    1. Kate we have never met but you know me well. I am my own worst enemy. Many years ago now, a Doctor I used to have told me “you have vulnerability written across your forehead, its not a bad thing but there are people who would use that for their own means” he was so right, like my so called sister. I am very vulnerable, I also feel so ashamed if I cannot do all the work around this house. My mother used to get annoyed if she saw me “sitting down” so to speak, I should have been working, so I force myself even though sometimes I am near collapse I won’t give in, I have to do it all or I feel dirty, but since this leg I find myself allowing my Sons to help me, they get annoyed with me because of this non sleeping no rest business. I’ll never change Kate, I don’t know how to poppet. When I was not far off being physically attacked by my late husband’s niece and boyfriend, David knew that it was going to happen, he let it and he was annoyed when I called the Police and the Police wanted me to charge these two but David told me No, I gave in, still hurts, I never know why people want to hurt me I can’t figure it out. Likewise I don’t know how to take help. Pathetic aren’t I?

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      1. not pathetic at all Anna .. we can all change and you know you need to but WONT .. we all have choices but you need to love yourself first and that’s where your real struggle is .. much love and care k

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      1. totally your choice to hold onto that or let it go Anna … nobody else can do that for you and it’s not only painful for you but more especially for those who love you 😦


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