Maybe it’s time to let white people say the ‘N-word’*

I am reblogging, because we are all far too sensitive these days. One wrong word and one is called Racist. What the MP in the House of Commons said was a saying and I just waited for all those here in the UK, when I heard the report to jump on their damn PC Wagon, and they did.

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This was in the news here yesterday.

Conservative MP Anne Marie Morris has been suspended from the Conservative party after she was taped using the phrase “n****** in a woodpile” in a discussion about Brexit.

These days whenever I hear that [insert white person with some kind of public role] has said the word nigger (at this point, why bother using asterisks?), I always chuckle to myself.

Not because it’s funny but because we [black people] know that white people say it behind closed doors. We know that white people won’t be happy until they can say the word whenever they want without any repercussions. Slavery wasn’t enough. The Jim Crow era wasn’t enough. They want to take the word back.

You guys can have it. Seriously. Say it all you want, and if there’s some blow back, know that you knew what you were signing up for. Maybe we…

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3 thoughts on “Maybe it’s time to let white people say the ‘N-word’*

  1. As an African American who has felt with being called that on a negative term, I strongly believe and suggest that we as a nation shut the word out of our vocabulary. That word has history and theres no right for anyone to throw it around and when i was anyone i mean EVERYONE!! I’ve heard black people say it and I’ve shut their mouths by notifying them that they have no realization of the history behind that word and the degrading nature of it. I have been severely hurt by the word and people need to realize that it’s a term we need to address but not use!!! I could go on about this but I just thought I would share my opinion, people are becoming too unfamiliar of our past as a nation, and if we don’t look back we will never move forward in a positive way that we need to.

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    1. To use that word directly to someone is totally offensive. Does puzzle me though why its not offensive when Black people call themselves by the one word I won’t say as it will offend you, but its ok for them to call each other by that name, to use it all the time in their music and street culture. I understand now that Homosexuals now refer to each other as Fags, that I find rude, but if I were to use that word to a Homosexual I would be in trouble – strange!
      Every offensive name has History, from my own background my Parents came from Ireland in the 1930s, I dare say my Mother would get upset being called Paddy, though my Father would have totally ignored it as he did and put it down to the ignorance of the individual who said it. Just like the signs in Lodgings “NO IRISH NO BLACKS” that were prominent that period and later as I recall.

      I totally resent being referred to as a Racist because I Voted to Come Out of Europe, and because I want to Fly the Flag of my Country. There are people who will never change.

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      1. No i agree totally it doesn’t make sense why people just let it fly around like that or put it in a song either its frustrating haha same with other things relating to that nature.


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