I hope you will enjoy the following.  Victor Borge was a wonderful Pianist, but he was also a very funny man who could mix seriousness with comedy.  I can’t help but feel our own, the UK that is, our very own wonderful Comedians the late Morecambe and Wise followed a few ideas from Victor Borge, for their sketches, particularly when it came to either Eric or Ernie playing the Piano.

I remember as a Child growing up in the 1950/1960s how Victor Borge would so often be one of the top Performers to appear on Britain’s “Sunday Night at The London Palladium” he would bring the House down with his performances and so often receive standing ovations.  Victor Borge also performed at, I should imagine, more than one Royal Variety Performances at The London Palladium as well, in front of the Queen.

I liked Victor Borge very much, and in particular when he would play seriously.  Below some fun, with those fantastic creatures “The Muppets” who appeared with all the top stars of the day, and why not.





Victor Borge and the very Important serious Orchestra, “The Muppets”, playing Tchaikovsky’s Ist Piano Concerto.






One more treat of Victor Borge, his funny side and his wonderful talent.  Enjoy his brilliance, as he performed  Dance of the Comedians.



  1. My mother dragged e to his concert when I was about 15. [a one man show, but he did have an “assistant”] Turned out – it was the fastest and funniest hour and a half I ever sat through! He was outstanding!

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