I love my Trees

all my Trees

in fact I just love Trees

I even talk to my Trees


Anyone who knows me

probably thinks I’m whacky

maybe I am

I am just me


I am a very passionate person

and feel pain

when Trees are cut down

I am headstrong some might say

but most of all

I am a Romantic


Being a Romantic I love

Woods and Fields

and Animals

all flowers and Trees

the Sea near my Home

the Sky with its beautiful Moons

and the Stars, One Star and many

I love them


So call me whacky

as I talk to my Trees

as I give my Trees a hug

and prune them

and care for them


Me, I’m just me

passionate in all things

and a loner

who is a Romantic


And if you find the above odd

maybe its because

I just went to bed

at 05.35 and got straight out


and had the words

that appear above in my head



Thought you might all enjoy this, I love it but then I love all things Clint Eastwood does including his rare singing “I talk to the Trees” from the great film “Paint your Wagon” that starred the wonderful Lee Marvin and of course Clint Eastwood.  I saw the film when it premiered in London’s West End.  Clint’s song “I Talk to the Trees” I believe was in the UK’s Top Ten when they had such a thing.  Anyhow enjoy.






















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