As the Sun set

over the Island

she stood remembering

and wondered if

if life would return


There was no life without Him

He was her whole life

from the moment they met

they knew there could be no one else


There never was any other

for either of them

they vowed to love each other

and those vows they kept


How they often came here

down to the Beach

late evening or early morning hours

when all was quiet

and they would make love

laying in each others arms

close so close



Now as she stood there

on this far off Island

so long from home

she knew all she could do was wait


Wait for his return

whenever that might be

and for her

every day would be torment

until his return


She turned away from the Sea

and slowly walked back

back towards the Hilltop

but not before

looking over her right shoulder

to glance perhaps

for the last time

to the Sea and to Him










Wonderful Henry Mancini and such a beautiful Theme  “Too Little Time” from Glenn Miller



2 thoughts on “THE LAST SUNSET

    1. Well, my thoughts were that in her mind was the knowledge he would not return and for her there was only one outcome, Death, so she returned home to their home to make sure that she would be with him forever, to enjoy life ever after. I was in a mood of “being low and in pain too”, I take it you were in pain too after a very long exhausting day (I have mine to come tomorrow). How did you get on, when you feel better do let me know. Take care, God Bless.

      Liked by 1 person

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