She watched in shock, as the blood spurted from his neck, as she looked to her right hand which felt wet, she realized she still had the knife in her hand and his blood was dripping from not only the knife but her hand.  By now he laid on the floor his eyes still staring at her.

She stood over him threw the knife away from not only his body but herself, her mind going back to the events that had led to her standing here with his blood on her hand. She had known him for six years and they got on very well together, they enjoyed all the hours they would spend in each others company but tonight was out of the blue, total shock to her, how could she have predicted it would all turn out like this.

She had loved him, she still loved him despite what he did.  How could they be so in love and for him to turn around this evening and tell her there was someone else someone he met months ago and that they were in a close relationship and he needed to leave to be with this new lover.  How could he do this, she felt devastated, they argued, of course they argued.

They bought this House together, they were both excited and happy when they moved in, they planned their life together, did she assume they planned their life or was it just her and her thinking he felt the same.  He had given no indication that they were not happy.  They both had good jobs, worked long hours but when they were together they made the most of it all.

She looked down at him, his eyes still staring at her, would it sink in that he had deceived her, and deceived her in a way that was totally out of character for him, or was it.  Were there the signs that she did not see, did not want to see, she was driving herself mad going over and over the events that led up to tonight.  Sooner or later she was going to have to phone the Police, or maybe she should phone her Brother first, after all he was the Solicitor and right now she needed a Solicitor.

She knelt on the floor and touched his face, she didn’t want to close his eyes, keeping them open she could tell herself he was not dead.  As she looked at him and stroked his face she found it so hard to believe that for months he had gone behind her back and that he wanted to leave her for his lover, but worse was to come, news she had never expected not in a lifetime.  He was not leaving her for another woman, he was leaving her for a Man.

As she knelt on the floor weeping slowly for him, she thought of the phone calls when he would be late back, or they had a case he had to go over, he would get a room in Town, he always kept a change of clothes in the office, so this was not unusual for him.  Yet all this time, all this damn time he was in bed making love, touching another man, then tomorrow when he came home they would make love, she felt sick at his deceit.

She stood up and reached for her phone, she phoned her Brother first at home, her Sister-in-Law answered she asked for her Brother and he came asked what was wrong, she told him she needed him to come right over to the house, she would explain then, he agreed.

It seemed to be the longest wait in her life, for her Brother to arrive, when he did she opened the door to him, he asked her was there a problem, she took his hand and led him to the kitchen, there on the floor laid her lover blood over the floor his clothes soaked in blood and a deep gash in the side of his neck.  Her Brother stood there shocked he could not speak for a while then turned to his Sister asked what happened.

She told him, he looked at his sister’s arms there were deep blue bruises on her arms and scratches her Brother knelt down and closed the eyes of the deceased.  He sat his Sister down and advised her that they needed to phone the Police, to say nothing absolutely nothing, until he got to the Police Station and saw her, he told her the Police would no doubt charge her but just confirm her name and address and thats all, nothing else.

His Sister seemed to be in deep shock by now and he hoped that she had listened to him and taken his advice.  He phoned the Police who wasted no time in arriving, soon the Forensics were in the House just as she was being led away from her home by the Police, her Brother advising her to say nothing, he asks the Police to make sure a Doctor saw her.

Just before getting into the Police Car she turned and looked at her House and thought of happier times, when they met, the first time they made love and the the last time they made love, and his deceit his utter betrayal she felt.  She heard voices talking to her but they meant nothing, she continued to look out of the Police car window, it was starting to drizzle, as she looked at her House and thought of him in the house the house started to disappear with the rain.  All she could now see was them.  How would she have reacted had he told her he was leaving her for another woman, maybe she would have coped she will never know, but a Man a Man, that she never expected.  Slowly the Police Car started to move and she was now on her own.













Debussy  “Reverie”


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