This needs to be read. No One should criticise Suicide unless you have been on the edge of it yourself.

J-Dubs Grin and Bear It

Yesterday we learned that Chester Bennington, Linkin Park frontman committed suicide.  There are no pleasant euphemisms.  Simply put he hung himself.  We need to use the word to stop the stigma.  SUICIDE.  He committed suicide.

I have been reading alot and some say this is the juxtaposition of  our strongest innate human instinct to survive pitted against survival of the fittest.  Darwin’s way.  Thinning the herd.  He was weak.  He was selfish.  To which I reply fuck you!


Jay Asher tried to give us 13 reasons.

Causality is not that simple.

As humans we want to make sense of our world.  Everything has to have a reason.  To explain away or maybe as a means to distance ourselves from the possibility that …


The possibility that this could happen to ME or to someone I know and love.

And I wish I knew why.  If…

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4 thoughts on “Goodbye Cruel World

  1. I can’t imagine it, Anna. He had children that are probably in utter despair right now. I know that I would have a difficult time meeting my maker before my time and having to explain why I felt the need to abandon those that loved and depended on me.

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    1. I understand Rob that its difficult to make sense of. Who knows what torment his mind or body may have been going through, yes Children how will they make sense of it all. Even as adults we have difficulty making sense of death of our loved one. Is it selfish Rob to take one’s life surely the torment of his children he was leaving behind was so hard. Do you know when David, my Husband died I blamed the young driver that had crashed into him months previously, I blamed the thugs that beat him and left him for dead five years previously, for years and years I blamed them but my Children my Sons No they told me I was wrong. Perhaps Children adapt better than we do they cope better. Whoever takes their life it has to be torment, in a way they had courage. We need to understand why, unless they have left letters we shall never know. Death at any age, any time, in any way is hard to face and accept. Facing our Maker, he won’t judge Rob, He will be understanding and forgiving and give great Love. We have to have faith in Him.

      How are you keeping, still enjoying your Summer and your lovely Pool. With love, Anna.


      1. I think that the examples given were different, in that your husband was a victim of the actions of others. And I don’t think that this should be about the malleability of children. I just think that when you bring children into this world, then you are responsible for their lives until they are adults. Once they’re adults, then have at it.


      2. Rob, I could not agree more with you that if you bring Children into the World they are your responsibility, for me I shall always feel responsible for my Sons no matter what their age, the three of us take care of each other. Suicide causes so much pain, why why people ask and what will this do to children, will they accept or will it haunt them. Does the person who will take their life think of the innocents at that moment. Who can answer that one.


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