Briefly, I am sorry to have just learned of the Death of the Actor John Heard, an Actor I have liked for a long time and admired.  I always felt John Heard deserved more credit for his work.

Ofcourse so many will remember him for “The Home Alone” Films, I know my youngest Son even at his age now he still enjoys those films.  I remember John Heard for so much of his work but I loved the film “The Pelican Brief” and I remember him so well in that film.

Its strange that I should do a blog about Death, when here we have John Heard dead at age 72 years, not old by today’s standards.  John Heard died in Palo Alto, California in a Hotel where he was recovering from Back Surgery.  He leaves behind Two Sons and a Daughter.















Remembering the late John Heard “Home Alone”





















7 thoughts on “JOHN HEARD

    1. I know he always had trouble with one of the Mother’s of one of his Sons. My youngest Son told me that its been said one of his Sons died a few weeks ago, don’t know how true that is. Nice tribute from that lovely chap Jeff Bridges.

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