It is a cold and on and off drizzle here today, where I live in England by the Coast.  I never have lunch but feeling cold I decided to have a bowl of soup as I sat drinking my soup, the tv was on of course, do we ever turn these things off.  I guess if you are like me in your house there is not a room that does not have a tv.

There was a film on, an old film but a brilliant film well I think so.  It was “The Great Escape” with so many major stars in it.  As the film ended and showed the major stars, my mind suddenly went back to the other day when the death was announced of the Actor John Heard.

As I looked at Steve McQueen, James Garner, Richard Attenborough but to name a few I thought how very few big Stars we have left.  It is sad to look back and watch people like Steve McQueen who was a far better Actor than some think, yes he could be difficult but boy did he give great performances.  How many of us girls then, or women later fell in love with Steve McQueen.  The passion between Steve McQueen and Ali McGraw in “The Getaway” was absolutely sizzling one could feel it.  When it came to “Towering Inferno” with Steve McQueen and Paul Newman the question was who was the better Actor, it soon became clear Steve McQueen.  Willam Holden starred too an old favourite of mine and a great Actor he was, such a sad end for him in real life, but he did do an awful lot for Wildlife Animals.

I watched one of the great Actors still with us, Tom Hanks the other evening in “The Road to Perdition” what a powerful performance he gave and to watch Paul Newman in his very last film one of the best performances I have ever seen by Paul Newman, what a loss.  I have seen “Bridge of Spies” with Tom Hanks and Mark Rylance twice now and every time I watch it I find Tom Hanks character not only was he a very brave man but someone who was no doubt so charming.  Thank heavens we still have an Actor of Tom Hanks qualities with us.

Clint Eastwood is still left with us, and he not only still acts but makes such wonderful films, he is so special, I wonder if people realize just how much of a special man he is.  The big names are now gone John Wayne, Robert Mitchum, Gregory Peck, Cary Grant, Jimmy stewart, Clark Gable, Spencer Tracy, Henry Fonda, Humphrey Bogart, James Cagney I am sure I could keep on and on.    The names these days of those making films, how many will we remember, I am sure most will disagree with me.  I did not forget the Big Female names.

Maybe I am boring, but I prefer to watch the old films, I accidently came across a film the other evening with Matthew Mcconaughey which I regarded as someone who gave a good performance in a film.  Is he now agreeing to make films purely for the money, as I watched or tried to watch this ultra violent gangster film with him in it, his performance was poor in fact the whole film albeit “adults only” was the biggest load of rubbish I have seen in a while now, it ended ridiculously.  What a waste of a talent is this what he has come to?

Early hours of this morning as I was heading for my bath a film came on called “Nocturnal” written by Tom Ford with an Actor I know little about Jake Gyllenhaal and Amy Adams I know even less about, but Michael Shannon I do like very much, I sat there and sat there and I was absolutely on the edge of my seat, what a film it had me glued and it must have been 2am/3am before I finally got my bath.  I won’t tell you about the film in case you are going to watch it, if you do I hope you enjoy it.





















































Just a taste of the great theme to The Great Escape.



One thought on “THE ACTORS NO MORE

  1. I thought I’d died and gone to heaven when McQueen and Newman were both in the Towering Inferno. Then I felt the same way again when Harrison Ford and Sean Connery were in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade!


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