This is a great review of a Film of a very special piece of Great Britain’s History and bravery.

Rewind Cinema

I haven’t really been taking the time to write out reviews for our minisodes, but Christopher Nolan’s latest venture, Dunkirk, is so special that I simply couldn’t help myself. It’s a film that rocketed its way to the top of the Nolan anthology for me; an instant classic that needs to be experienced to see what the medium of film is truly capable of. If you scoffed while reading that, I completely understand– “That’s way too much hype for a film,” you say. Normally, I would agree, but the craft of this film can’t be overstated.

Dunkirk takes place over the course of a week during the beginnings of World War II– before America was even truly involved. Many history-centric scholars believe that this is one of the most vital events in world history, as 300,000 out of 400,000 men managed to escape the beaches of Dunkirk, France, allowing…

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