So the so called Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott, representative of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn Labour Party, the Party that thinks it can run this Country, the United Kingdon, better than anyone else.  Well this woman the ex lover, still infatuated with Corbyn tells the Papers, tells the World it is “UNDERSTANDABLE” to throw Petrol Bombs at the British Police and to riot in an area called Dalston in London’s East End, she agrees there is no problem with it and in  fact is giving these Black rioters for that is what they are and I am not prepared to beat around the bush and be polite and try and hide the truth.  As someone born in this Country, England, and raised in the 1950s when we had standards, I am bloody furious that not only do these Black people think they have the right to riot to cause financial problems, to attack the Police the Police that are there to protect People, I am f…..g furious that this stupid idiotic obsessed woman Abbott, with Corbyn is encouraging, endorsing rioting.

One can just see exactly what a Labour Government would do, a radical Far Left Wing Labour Party.  Pay out Tax Payers money to the lazy individuals who won’t work, pay for the unmarried Mothers who have four five six or more children all different Fathers, even if they knew the Fathers of their Children.  Do I sound bitter do I sound annoyed you bet I do.  I have lived under Labour Governments, left wing policies, no more thank you.

So the Blacks in Dalston want to riot or other Blacks or Whites, or whatever race don’t like this Country and what it stands for, even if born here, you hate this Country so much, well p… off out of it.  I make no apologies for being annoyed.  There are young men, men with families, women with children, young women all prepared to fight for this Country and they do and they die whilst others sit on their arses and complain and complain and tell us we need a Labour Government under Corbyn, you have to be off your heads.

Who pays for Dalston riots not the Blacks than ran riot and for what, I don’t give a damn what reasons they had, they had no right, NO Rights WHATSOEVER TO DESTROY BUSINESSES, FIRE BOMB POLICE STATION, WHO PAYS FOR ALL OF THIS NOT THEM THE UNEMPLOYED DRUG TAKERS, DRUG DEALERS, WE THE TAXPAYERS, I pay out of my Widow’s Pension out of my small Company Pension from my late Husband who started work at 14.


I am sick of those that think they can do what they want when they want, well you bloody well can’t and sooner or later the decent hard working people of this Country will come to their senses and hit back and the sooner the better.  Annoyed, you are damn right I am and it gets better oh so much better.

Jason Osamede Okundaye, the Black and minority ethnic society, who is he.  He is a student, at one of this Country’s ELITIST UNIVERSITY’S, CAMBRIDGE as a matter of fact.  This individual, who I ask “was he born here?” has the gall the absolute gall to state and I shall put it all in Capitals so no one will not see it;


So not only am I as someone who Voted to Leave Europe is called a RACIST I am now a Racist because I am White, do I have an answer to that, certainly.  He is talking out of his arse.  He is at one of the elitist Universities, gets financial aid no doubt, maybe he comes from a wealthy background I don’t know and I don’t care.

He claims, this moron, that “THE WHITES HAVE COLONISED DALSTON” where the thugs rioted.  He tweeted and congratulated all those that rioted all those that destroyed businesses and threw Firebombs at the Police, he tweeted “ALL WHITE PEOPLE ‘CAN GEDDIT” .      What is that supposed to mean, he is encouraging the Black rioters to murder White people is that what it means.

Time the decent people of this Country and there are Black people, people of all colours, all races and beliefs who are hardworking decent, how long more are we going to tolerate people like this Okundaye shit and his cohorts.

The United Kingdom has always been a tolerant Country, a Country with a History good or bad, a Country where people have given their lives for Freedom.  We stood alone from 1939 when War was declared with Germany, when America was attacked at Pearl Harbour and President Roosevelt Declared that America was now in the War.  Britain no longer stood alone, our gratitude to the Americans stood then as it does now, we all, all races all beliefs fought together.  I was born some years after the War but my gratitude to all those who sacrificed their life is as strong now as ever.  My late Husband, who was 30 years older than me, was in the RAF based In India in the Burma Campaign, I had an Uncle who was for years a Prisoner of the Japanese in Changi, the notorious prison.  He suffered then and after and as his life was coming to an end the results of Changi were still there.  Not long after the War, Korea happened, how many remember that. All those that died or survived how many remember what they did for World Peace?  I remember so very well Vietnam I had a distant American Cousin who suffered from that War.  I remember how the Americans suffered in that War, their constant TV coverage.  The Falklands War in this Country, how many remember.

Then we have to tolerate Blacks living in Dalston who think they have the rights to riot to destroy, better still we have the MP for Hackney which is “Hackney/Dalston” Diane Abbott so called Shadow Cabinet Home Secretary not only defending them but encouraging them in defending them.

Finally we have to read, listen to some Student at an Elitist University who is Black tell us, tell me I AM A RACIST.  HE, THEY, CAN SAY WHAT THEY WANT.

To all those hardworking people in the UK or wherever you are where you watch rioters destroy for no real reasons, “Wake Up”, the UK “Wake up, put an end to all this now.”  We have had enough if these extreme Left Wing agitators and all those particularly stupid women like Abbott who not only support but are prepared to encourage violence.  So much for Jeremy Corbyn and his Labour Government, as someone who I think is still a Card carrying member of the Labour Party (won’t renew) I shall do all I can to make sure Labour under Far Left Corbyn does not gain power.  The last time I voted Labour was to get Tony Blair in, I realized I would be making a mistake and how right I was, he destroyed this Country too and I would never vote Labour again, not with the bloody nonsense they come out with.

The United Kingdom is a Proud Fine Country with so much to offer, those that don’t like it those that want to destroy it you won’t win, by God you won’t win.  You hate it here, then GET OUT NOW.

We are a Christian Country and those Atheists who condemn those who believe in God, you have no right to say “End to Churches, End to all Religions, End to all Faith Schools”.  We have allowed far too many Mosques in this Country, we tolerate too much, speak up we should be proud say so.  We will not allow our Christian Faith to be destroyed, our British way of Life destroyed.


My sincere apologies if I have I offended anyone with my choice of language but I am so very very annoyed, I think you can tell that!!


Below a video I found on youtube, with commentary by a stupid loud mouthed woman, condemning our British Police as Racists, when there were Black Officers at the riots last night.  She called our Police “Racist Bastards”, the Police had their Dogs and finally the Horses, what we need to do is bring out the Water Cannons and hose these rioters and that stupid ignorant woman.



















This is terrifying, shocking, and rioters complain because the Police bring out their Dogs and are called for doing so “Racist Bastards”  the rioters complain their “kids are being killed” well take them home.  The Racists I think all decent people can see and time those Blacks who decide to riot left the Country you have bled it dry long enough.  Stop complaining when you riot and are dealt with , we as you call RACIST WHITES HAVE HAD ENOUGH.  DISGUSTING, HORRIFYING, DON’T THINK YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO RIOT AND DESTROY MY COUNTRY.



  1. I am still amazed at the changes our countries are going through. Civility is becoming a thing of the past. We have moved from being united as a people to being only concerned with our own needs. This is NOT the way to peace and a successful governing. The hateful rhetoric that is being spewed world-wide is poisoning this planet. That’s for damn sure. But until we come to grips with the ugly truth that we ARE all racist in some way and we better face all the other negative things we’re becoming under these new governments, nothing is going to change. It’s only going to get worse. I consider myself a nice person, but I would be an outright liar if I said I wasn’t racist. It leaves me stuck between a rock and hard place. It’s a word I hate, yet I can’t escape it. That’s my confession… Sadly. But where does one start to stop all the craziness and become sane again? I told Arn the other day I think WE should take UNITED out of our country’s name and just call it the States of America because there sure is hell is nothing united about it…

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    1. Apologies Cheryl, I sent the message off before correcting mistakes, please forgive me. I was going to end and say maybe we you and I won’t see it, but I feel sooner or later there will be one almighty War. The Christians, the Muslims. How are you poppet, pain any easier any news on treatment you mentioned. Last week I could barely move with the pain in both legs and Spine. I could hardly stand for a few minutes. The Boys were so good, mainly my youngest who is home all the time, he did everything for me. Do I hate being like this, you must too, I dread what’s to come. Love to you and the Family, Arn, Bran and your Daughter and Family.


  2. I agree with you on many points Cheryl, but it is just not Governments, its People. Sorry to say but the Blacks in this Country are the Racists, they are making Whites hate them and thats the truth. Two weeks ago, my youngest Son took Daisy for a walk one evening, he turned a corner and thought he would go to McDonalds, then he spotted a group of Blacks, Drug Dealers oh yes thats what they are. For the next month or so, they come down from London dealing, thats a fact. My Son stopped dead when he spotted them, they were harassing a young chap who was just trying to pass them. My Son did the right thing he turned around and came home. Had he passed them had they done something or tried to, Daisy would have been having a go at them, trying to save DP, and God only knows he could not face up to the gang there was. People are scared of them, they are allowed to get away with far too much, if the Law intervene, all hell breaks loose like the riots I showed, immediately they are the victims and I am so sick of them, thats the truth. Our Christian Faith is under attack, far too many Mosques allowed. Muslims take over Towns, No Go Areas. We have Corbyn Labour Party and his cohorts defewnding these rioters, how the hell can you, its wrong. Decednt White/all colours are suffering because of what is going on. We are struggling now but if that Corbyn formed a Government thats the end of us.

    I read that Trump has the unemployment down, that he has plowed money into more car manufacturing. You hate Trump as I hate Corbyn. I fear for this Country of mine as you have your thoughts on America.When you are so honest to say we are all Racist, even the Blacks are Racist, quite frankly Cheryly I don’t give a damn if I am called a Racist. What I am is a realist, what I see I will speak the truth on, I can’t lie or hide what I see. What a World we have, my youngest Son had a good point the other day, with all ther Muslims heading to Europoe mainly unfortunately here in ther UK, their Lands will be barren the World is heading I


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