How innocent so many were

how strong they looked

yet frail inside so many were

but they came

they were there


At Passchendaele

they fought for life

and their life they gave

for you for me

for all of us

at Passchendaele they fell


Their blood that played

on running mud

their cries for help

their calls for MOTHER

their tears they shed

at Passchendaele


100 Years has since gone by

no more brave Soldiers can say

what Passchendaele meant to them

they Lived they Died

at Passchendaele


Their Horses they laid with

and watched them Die

No help for Horses

No bullets spared

to stop the agony

of the Horses yet they did not die alone

these brave Men of Passchendaele

who shed tears for their Horses


100 Years have gone by

But don’t forget

the tears of Passchendaele

Men that ran to their Deaths

while those in charge

sat in comfort behind their desks

in Towns and Cities far far away

from Passchendaele

they did not run

they did not die

do not cry for them


Spare your tears for those Men

who Lived and Died at Passchendaele

for US they gave their Lives

For US who forget too easily

the sacrifices of Wars

that Men create


At Passchendaele the Slaughter of the young

Men even older, Men who fought

Boys or Men

the Blood that flowed

the waste of life

in such a manner

Oh God how many Wars must this World endure

how many lives to be torn apart


Plots and Plans

devised by nameless Men

who send out Men and even Women to die

Passchendaele was not enough

on and on they go

nameless men Plotting and Scheming for Wars



Please don’t forget

wear a Red Poppy and Pay Respects

Remember the lives

that were laid down









































2 thoughts on “WE MUST NOT FORGET

  1. In many ways everyone was a victim of war – the dead, injured, bereaved, traumatised and the loss of so much talent that would have made a difference. The ones that created it are victims as well.
    There are far better ways of settling disputes. There is too much greed.


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