Those special moments

that stay with me

the seconds the minutes

the clock and its hands


I still see you

and I feel the same

secrets kept so long

yet suddenly

some revealed


As close now

as close them

nothing changes

not even my Love


Count the time

or not at all

the clock ticks on

the body is older

but mind stays young


I still see you

and I feel the same

like the Lake and its water

I feel finally at Peace


4 thoughts on “I STILL SEE YOU

  1. Cruel joke, isn’t it, that the body gets older but we still feel the same… I wonder how we interpreted those feelings when we were small. Surely they are all still the same. But we have a better understanding, grown-up understanding now…

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    1. My youngest Son said at times I act like a child, perhaps wanting to do things or act like I was never allowed. I was reminded this afternoon that my Husband would never even sit in the Garden with me or go for a walk, but he was quick enough to sit for hours with the one down the road, and yet we silly women put up with that crap don’t we. I have discovered colouring in drawing books is so therapeutic for me, I have this feeling of calmness I don’t think I felt before, maybe thats a childlike act colouring, hey ho!! (How are you, everything going ok. Dr left a message for me I must stop Diabetic tablets Metformin, now have to see Kidney Renal Failure Team at Hospital, now thats worrying. My B12 is rather low and must have Blood Tests, and see Dr in months time. Still have not had results for my leg yet – never ends does it Cheryl, love to you all.)

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      1. Why are they wanting you to stop the Metformin? Donna told me I’d be on that the rest of my life, with or without the insulin. I like to color, too. Bran bought me a dragonfly coloring book. But I can’t sit still long enough to focus on it. My favorite is a ballerina coloring book. 🙂 Nothing’s changed here. We’re supposed to go to the cabin this weekend. I’m going under duress. I know how stressed I’m going to be cloistered with my screaming four grandkids for the weekend. Pray I don’t kill anyone!!!

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    2. Cheryl, the Metformin has done damage to my Kidneys, which apparently long term or wrong dosage of Metformin causes. I have been on high dose for years, never checked by Dr, first I was told they would cut the dose now I have been told “stop them immediately”. Once the Diabetes is under control or low, I was told the Metformin should have been stopped there is no need for that drug. Also been told I have “Pernicious Anemia”, had it before several times massive needle in bottom or hip with Iron, hope its not that. Won’t be easy for you, or a rest, in your Cabin for the weekend, let everyone wait on you for a change, make it a treat for you. You need to be relaxed with all your problems, we are putting up with enough. I can relax colouring, I get lost in doing so, time goes so quickly. Take care of yourself.

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