Why do you want to chain me

I cry and cry and beg you not to

but my cries they go unheard

all my legs you chain

it gives you pleasure

to do so


Please I cry please I beg

don’t do that

don’t you see my tears

can’t you hear me cry out

you chain my throat


You force my mouth

you force it open so wide

and pour your Vodka

in my throat

it burns I cry

the tears I shed



Please oh please stop

no, no more can I take

but more Vodka you pour

in my burning throat


You drag me out

and here on this spot

on this filthy spot

with tears I cry

my voice you ignore

my tears you do not see


You make me Dance

whip me more and more

“DANCE DANCE” you scream

and the people laugh


Can’t you see my tears

can’t you feel my pain

no you can’t for you do not care

I want to shout out


but I can’t


I am just a beautiful Bear

that you ripped from my Mother

my Mother you slaughtered

in front of my little eyes


The pain I endure for you to use

please someone help please free me

I have had enough

the crowds I entertain

they laugh

laugh at my pain


I need to be heard

someone please speak for me

for I am just a Bear

a beautiful Bear

I want to live Free

Please Help Me Please


Free me from this Bastard and His Likes

let me live in Peace and Quiet

Freedom I once knew

Freedom he took from me




============================================================================If you have been kind enough to read this and have not been offended, please think about donating to a Charity for Bears, there are Charities that Free them from this torture, please do think about a Donation to these Charities.  Many thanks,  Anna.





Please enjoy and see how happy the Bear is.










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