Feel my lips

pressed against yours

your body close

touching you so warm


Your hands

undoing buttons

fingers that slip

so easily to my breasts


Already you excite me

my nipples squeezed

firm to your touch

I feel you and want you

I’ll take your hand


Slide it under my skirt

your fingers find me

do I feel good

oh yes as your mouth

suckles my breasts


Quickly, quickly

my pantis drop

you rub me

I’m holding you

kiss me kiss me


Oh harder harder

push, oh, oh

push harder

don’t stop

no here is rain

don’t stop

lick it off my breasts


Just feel my lips

feel me, want me

need me as I need you

let the rain fall


The Trees shelter us

rain on your body

let me taste you

taste the rain

need me















Bill Evans   –   Remembering The Rain


















4 thoughts on “FEEL MY LIPS

    1. So pleased you liked it. I was up all night working on a blog, so I can send it off today. When I finished, I sat here at the desk with a large cup of tea and suddenly felt the words you liked coming into my head, and I thought oh yes these are good, very sensual. Your approval is always not only welcomed but helps me, thank you Rob.

      Liked by 1 person

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