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For friends without borders

Hold it together, folks.  There’s more to unite us than to divide us.  We are being herded into to different camps and divided for political gain.  Whether you’re on the right, or on the left, we still laugh together, we still drink together and we still live together.  Let the battles of ideas be waged from the mind and not from the sword.

“I Still Believe”

Hear ye, hear ye, friends and Romans, countrymen.
Hear ye, hear ye, punks and skins and journeymen
Hear ye, hear ye, my sisters and my brethren.
The time is coming near.

Come ye, come ye, to soulless corporate circus tops.
Come ye, come ye, to toilet circuit touring snobs.
Come ye, come ye, to bedrooms, bars and bunker squats.
The sound is ringing clear.

Now who’d have thought that after all,
Something as simple as rock ‘n’ roll would save us all.
And who’d…

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