We are having our Annual Famous Air Show, the biggest Air Show in the Country, here tomorrow at Clacton-on-Sea, Essex.   It is expected that 200,000 people are to  attend and watch the shows that go over two days, plus the evening spectacular shows.

Essex Police have announced that there is no Terrorist Threat but that we, Clacton-on-Sea will be having for the Air show the following:

Increased visible security.    Plain clothes Officers.    Specialist Police Dogs.    Specifically installed CCTVs.    Police boats out at sea.   And finally, brand new Police Drones.


Yet with all the above due to take place, Essex Police have stressed “There is no Terrorist Threat”, and if one was to believe that you would be an absolute fool.

As I live not too far from the Greenswards and the lovely sands, I do not need to go down to the Beaches to watch the events, I only have to stand in my front Garden or my back Garden to watch all the new and old planes fly by.  But, saying this, tomorrow my Dog, Daisy, along with all other dogs in the area will be terrified, and she will go into hiding until all the noise is over.

Lets hope and prayer for the next few days, the show will go off as planned and that those locally and those that come here from far afield will have a really good time.   Its time this Town had some good news because for the last month we have seen so much violence which has taken everyone by surprise and is a topic of conversation even on the internet.  Just last weekend the Seafront was sealed off by the Police when a man was attacked with a hammer and is in a life saving condition.

Our Police Station closes after 5pm, which infuriates me, no Police stations should ever be closed, but now our Police are having to stop playing pool in the station and get out there.  Countless times we have witnessed the Police doing this as we walk through the Churchyard opposite.  It is too easy to blame the Government “cuts” for everything.  A good look needs to be taken at the Police Authorities.

So here is to the next few days and hoping everyone has a good time with good memories to take away from Clacton–on-Sea in Essex.











Only one word for this, absolutely brilliant.   Pray all goes well.

The Council withdrew paying for the Airshow, more shame on them.  Now Local Businessmen pay for the Show to come here.  Well done to them and a big “Thank You”.


4 thoughts on “NO TERRORIST THREAT?

  1. Very cool ad. Here’s hoping and praying that all goes well. We have a huge airshow here at Hill Air Force Base by our house with the Thunderbirds. We can see them from our front yard, too. We never drive up to the base, though. Traffic is horrendous!

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  2. I think any large event has a threat level. But fortunately the chances of a terrorist attack are exceedingly small. People are much more likely to be hurt going to and from the event in a traffic accident. That’s just what the terrorists count on – the fear always far exceeds the reality. That’s the nature of terror. We have to keep it in proportion and not let it ruin our lives. The number of terrorist deaths compared to murders or traffic accidents is far less.

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    1. Whether we like it or not, we all have to accept that Terrorists Attacks are now part of our lives. Far too many immigrants/migrants have been let in, the checks that are done are not 100% and known terrorists have been let into Countries. Look at Belgium to begin with. Terrorists can attack at any time any place.


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