“Can I help you”

said the little Mouse

“No I’ll be alright”

said the Mouse intruder


“Do you mind me being here”

asked the stranger mouse

“of course not I welcome you”

said the little mouse


“Come” said the little mouse

“come, share my supper, fresh cheese”

“thank you” said the stranger

“its very kind of you to share your food with me”


So they both settled down together

nibbling the cheese the little mouse had saved

“where are you from” asked little mouse

“a long long way, I came on a plane”

“and you found your way here” asked little mouse

“yes I found my way here, I sensed I would find a friend”

said the stranger


“well you are welcome to stay here

if you came on a plane

what country are you from”

asked little mouse


“does it really matter what country”

asked the stranger

“can’t we still be friends” he asked

“of course we can, my name is Tommy, what’s your name”

asked little mouse


“Reuben” said the stranger

“and now you know where I am from

am I still welcome” asked the stranger

“come Reuben” said little mouse

“you can be happy here and we can share food, welcome”

said little mouse

“I just want some Peace” said the stranger




Somewhere within those words is a lesson.





















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