Pigeons sit high on branches

looking down for food to arrive

pitter patter across the Terrace

Daisy my dog sits by

as I decide for once

to sit in my garden

and let the day go by


Garden work

so much to do

roses for pruning

no good at that, are you?


Black birds nibbling

on fallen Pears

I used to give them away

but people fussy

wanting perfect ones

I no longer bother

I let the birds just pick

or watch the pears

rot into the ground

probably does more good


Sun gone down where I sat

so might as well start work

on pruning and sorting

shrubs that need attention

nature has taken over

maybe thats how it should be


Birds call from high

above on brances

Seagull sits proudly

high on barn roof

soon I will move

and he will fly down

to check the days food


So another day

just me and Daisy

and the garden

and nature around me














    1. That would have been really lovely. How are you, both of us in the wars aren’t we. Any news of Doctors and how they can help you, thought the other night how this would have been the time would it not that you would be on your Cruise. How are Arn, Bran, Steph and her family. I am being spoilt here, my youngest Son has taken it upon himself to cook the meals and wash up etc, he won’t let me do anything, feeling very spoilt. Take care poppet and let me know how you are.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m SO glad you’re getting a break! I hope that goes a long way in helping you feel some better. (Lordy! I’d kill to have someone cook for me!!!) And yea, we would be getting ready to leave for the cruise. I still feel bad for Arn that we can’t come. But there are just too many uncertainties health-wise at the moment. I see the cardiologist on the 7th to get the results of my heart monitor readings. He has mentioned before I may, at some point, need a pacemaker. Wondering if this is that point. Arn had carpal tunnel surgery on his hand Monday. Went great. He’s very little discomfort with the incision and LOTS of pain relief! Thank God. He’ll be having his knee replaced on November 9th. The kids are all good. The little ones are growing like weeds! One of these days we’re going to have a tea date, I swear it!!! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

    2. You were right to cancel the cruise, too risky. Please let me know what happens about your heart, thats two of us. I have the heart failure, been going ok but I think I pushed myself too hard two days working on the front garden and back I had some pain, I think thats why I am being spoilt, but it feels good yet guilty that my youngest Son is doing all the cooking, I find it hard to sit and not help. Tell Arn, I had both wrists done some years ago, well many years ago. Had local anesthetic first time I watched the op, the second time I made sure I closed my eyes. Thats so tragic in Texas, been watching it here. How is your weather, it was lovely earlier now its become very cloudy. Just think Cheryl, one of these days you will make that cruise and I will make it to San Francisco. Still waiting for results on my legs, and have not had appointment yet for the so called kidney problem. The children grow too fast, and its a really tough strange difficult world out there, it all seems to have gone mad. Our PM needs to step down before next election, and god forbid we end up with that dangerous leftie Corbyn. The World is mad. You stay safe dear friend, and yes definitely we will have that “tea date” here or the USA, we will make it. God bless, love Anna.


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