Darkness descends

and people accept

the stupidity of others

and don’t fight back


History is exactly that

the History of one’s Country

History of the World

History cannot be changed


Yet along come morons

Left Wing morons

along with ignorant bastards

who believe they have the right

to tear down the History

of their Country

their City

their Town


A Civil War

tears not only Families apart

but tears a Country apart

there are no winners in a Civil War

those that fought strong battles

have the right to be remembered

as do all those that gave their lives


Those that fought and died

in any War have the right

to be Remembered

not shoved aside

because ignorant people

do not want this to happen


No morons

no bastards have the right

to come along and tear down Monuments

NO RIGHT to do such a thing

and yet these morons

demand the right

to put up Monuments of rappers

words fail that there are

such stupid bastards in the World

who think this is right


There is a darkness

that has come over the World

and if those of us who know what is right

do not fight back

in whatever way

the bastards will win

and they must be pushed back into their holes



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