French magazine Charlie Hebdo, really excelled themselves this week with their front cover which was an absolute disgrace.

My anger when I saw the filth they had printed, via the internet, made me so angry.  Their interpretation of the Houston Floodings in which many people including Children have lost their lives was Nazi and Fascist and KKK signs.

The indication being that all those people and children that have drowned and more to come that have yet to be found, let alone the loss of homes and businesses, was that all those drowned were RACISTS.

I am sick to death of all these lefty pinkos and idiots that follow them who chant “Racist Racist Racist” at everyone who does not happen to agree with them.  I thought America and the UK where I live enjoyed Freedom of Speech but of late I am beginning to question that.

Charlie Hebdo should be utterly ashamed of themselves using the deaths of all of those in Houston as a means of spouting their politics.  Shut up all the morons who run  Charlie Hebdo, although they are safe in the knowledge that their targets here won’t retaliate by barging into their Offices with Machine Guns.


Please don’t anyone come back with a comment that this “is satire”.  This, I stress, is not satire.  When the suggestion is this is God’s punishment for the whites drowning.

This year I am at a total loss of the stupidity of people of this “hating everyone” who does not agree with you, calling people Racists at every opportunity.  I am called a Racist because I voted Brexit, I just put this down to peoples ignorance.  The saying I seem to hear and read all the time is “the World Has gone mad” and in many ways it seems to but it is not President Trumps fault as so many imbeciles seem to blame for everything that goes wrong.  There was an election in America, a very bitter one, and Donald Trump was elected President, those that voted for him have the right to have the President of their choice, others may not have voted for him, hard luck.  Those that did not vote for Obama were stuck with him for 8 long years and take a look at divided America and what’s happened there.  Take a look at the UK and what could happen here, an extreme left wing pinko Government run by Corbyn, God help us all.

For heavens sake, calm down and get a grip and stop all this hatred and accusations of people being Racists.  Because if it does not end there will be blood there will be war and it will be between the morons who are dividing their Countries and those of us that are trying to stop whats happening.

















No explanation.     Thanks to CEPHEI war music empire.



    1. Indeed they do call the right extremists. Perhaps you may not like me saying this Rob but the more these lefties go on the more right wing I have become, and I used to vote Labour for so long in my Country. I can foresee nothing but trouble if these lefties do not stop. There is so much hatred in the UK and growing.


  1. I disagree with you in only one respect. Donald Trump did NOT win the popular vote. The electoral college voted him president. The citizens of this country elected Clinton by an overwhelming margin which he still clams was fixed though there is absolutely no basis to his claim. His ego just can’t stand to be second to anyone. And that is what is ripping THIS country apart — as in 56% of the people are saying that as of the poll three days ago.

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    1. The popular vote is not what elects a President, its reaching that Number, that is what matters. The majority of women voted for Clinton purely because she was a woman, did they honestly believe in her and trust her, I doubt it considering she and the husband are a “shady couple” to say the least. Donald Trump was elected President and those people, enough voted for him, made him President. Now surely he is not in the job for popularity he is the President of the Country and rightly so should be respected. In all the years I have been watching the Presidential races, going back to a teenage, I have never seen such disrespect for a President. Obama was in the job for 8 years, you talk about President Trump dividing the Country, really. Obama divided the Country Obama made it what it is today. Obama is the most expensive retired President they have ever have, and now Obama demands more money be spent on him, who the hell does he think he is. Obama caused nearly all the hatred that is there today not President Trump. Its just that, like here with BREXIT, those that lost won’t accept it, and these lefty pinkos are dividing the country, causing so much hated, its not the whites here causing racial hatred as some may tell you, its the Blacks. Quick story, last Sunday bank holiday a very long coach parked right over our rubin, Jonathan went out asked the driver politely to park elsewhere as he was blocking our runin, he refused at first became aggressive and then started shouting “you’re racist, you’re doing this because I’m black”, see the shit we have to put up with in this country you just can’t reason with them. For 8 long years there were millions who had to put up with Obama, now its their chance and thats only fair. I knew the hatred you feel for President Trump, Cheryl, but are you really saying you would have preferred a crook in That Woman. At least you have a glamourous and elegant First Lady, unlike Obama’s wife. If and when North Korea do something, and early hours of this morning proved so much, and President Trump defends America in all the ways he can, will all those that oppose him still feel the same, when their President does what he is supposed to, do Defend the United States?

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      1. I’m afraid this is one thing you and I will never agree on. I will say that Utah is about as red a state as they come. Not many blues here. But Utah can’t stand him. He does NOT uphold the values of this country. I was surprised at your comment about Michelle Obama. What in the world does looks have to do with what kind of a person someone is? That’s kind of a shallow perspective.

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    2. Cheryl, I didn’t mention Obama’s wife’s looks, where did you get that from. I said the present First Lady was a glamorous and elegant First Lady unlike Obama’s wife who could not have been described as glamorous or elegant – I never mentioned facial looks, or colour come to that because that seems to be the topic for everyone for these days. I don’t agree I was being shallow. Maybe I like elegance. The present First Lady for her elegance and glamour reminds me of Jackie Kennedy, never mind facial looks. There are certain things that I do not agree with President Trump on, but 8 years ago your Country decided to vote for Obama, to the Blacks it was all about him being Black – that should not have come into it, you were electing a President or should have been regardless of colour. You were supposed to be electing the best man for the job, but it seems it was all colour based. I don’t recall hearing all the rubbish then that I hear now about President Trump. 8 long years of Obama and there were enough people who voted for Donald Trump, surely you must agree they have the right to have the President of their choice. Taxpayers in your country not happy about Obama demanding more money for his security, making him the most expensive ex President you have ever had? The taxpayers in a certain area of California not happy right now, arguments arising because some want to rename a Street Obama, and others do not. I disliked Obama from the very beginning Cheryl, not as some may suggest because of his colour but because I felt that he was going to be in a way useless and would do nothing or very little for the Country, and that I think if you are honest has been proved right. Just as I know if Corbyn here ever gets elected PM he will be disastrous and the Country will come to a standstill, the lefty pinkos will be in charge. Just gut feelings that never let me down.

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