On a slight cloudy Sunday

by the English Seaside

with calm breezes

through my windows


I stand in my kitchen

looking out of my window

upon a garden

at last the grass cut


With coffee cup in hand

and my Daisy

my baby, my dog

waiting by for biscuits


I listen to jazz playing

Bill Evans I adore

cool sexy jazz


what else for me


There it flies

settling upon plants

a beautiful Butterfly

September Sunday

all quiet in the house

except for me of course


How I love to watch my garden

especially when the sun

escapes through the trees

and the birds fly down for food


the baby squirrels

chase each other

up and down the trees

and the Butterflies come

and the jazz plays


On a Sunday afternoon

by the English Seaside

I look from windows

to my garden

and for once I feel at peace











Bill Evans  –  Alone  (Thanks to Bill Evans Archive)  This is just so seductive, wonderful to listen to, close your eyes and dream of someone special.





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