Just watching on TV more scenes from the Houston floodings, so very tragic it all is.  People returning to their homes homes they loved, homes they cherished, destroyed.  One elderly Gentleman returned to his home after several days and forcing open his front door and entering his home he said “all the pictures are still on the walls”, I found that so moving that to this gentleman his treasures seemed to be all the pictures he had on the walls.

Another Gentleman returning home was so pleased to see his three dogs running to greet him and he said “I still have cats on the roof”, and up there on the house roof was a gorgeous Black Cat meowing probably for milk to come down to safety.  Hope people remember all the poor Animals that have suffered in these floodings.

As I watched the film suddenly Monster Trucks appeared, great big monster  trucks, and the man inside of one of them was delivering water, groceries to those that were flooded, and the way in which these victims of the floodings responded made me cry, so very grateful they were, the chap driving this monster said “people offer to pay us, we don’t want money, just a hug a kiss”.

Despite all the disaster they are facing, kindness still exists love for one another exists.  All the hatred is not in Texas, not in Houston as Charlie Hebdo and their disgraceful magazine cover showed.  The chap driving the monster said that friends had come from Dallas and further afield to help deliver essential items.

One has to say to all those that claim all the Whites are Racist, here you have Black and White working together to help each other, it was so moving.  So despite Charlie Hebdo and the filth they put out Love and helping each other exists in Houston they are all victims of the flooding, they are working together.

I wish all those trying to cope with the floodings all the very best, and God Bless.













Please remember them.


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