How easily we fell in love

wanting each other

at every opportunity

covering your body with mine

and yours with me

how happy all seemed


Discovering every crevice

every spot or fleckles on your body

running my fingers up and down your skin

skin so soft like a baby’s

the taste of salt from your body

holding you in me

never wanting to have it end


Where and how

did the rows begin

I knew from your looks

that you had lied to me

perhaps my voice  upset you


Making love

desparate for each other

our bodies entwined

then one word

and the raised voices would start

why just why was it easy to argue


You lied

did I lie

perhaps I did

how could love turn this way

but it has oh it has


Days and nights I loved you

then I disliked you

lost my faith in you

yet I love you

nothing makes sense


Goodbye is what we say

once our smiles and laughs

when we would say hello

now we can barely say goodby


Yet goodbye is what I have to say

I love you always

but I see in your face

how you have changed

this is not what you want

do I want this


I want you

I want you the way you were

we were

but it will never be that again

dry my tears and say goodbye

goodbye my love

my only love









Richard Harris and the Great Jimmy Webb combination.    “If You Must Leave My Life”








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