I couldn’t believe what I heard on the news regarding my favourite cosmetics Company, a Company I have used for as long as I can remember.  Not that I wear makeup but I do use Face creams, eye lotions and recently because I am growing my hair (not too sure about it) hair lacquer.  The Company I have always had the utmost respect for, since the childhood Doctor I used to have advised me only to use these safe products, when I started to wear mascara aged 16 starting work.  That Company L’OREAL.

Some “woman” I have never heard of, a transgender so called model, spouted her opinions that “All WHITES ARE RACISTS”.  Here we go again, more bloody nonsense.  Has the World gone mad.  I am beginning to see that the Racism is not coming from the Whites but the Blacks  –  can I say Blacks, God knows what word I am supposed to use.

People like this stupid “woman” who by the way goes by the name of Munroe Bergdorf, is proving to me and to countless others that it is the Blacks who hate us, with “Your racists” calls they come out with all the time.  Let me tell a quick story, last weekend here in the UK it was Bank Holiday, on the Sunday we discovered a long White Touring Coach parked across the entrance to our drive, completely blocking us in.  Now most people where I live park their vehicles on their drive, we have no car on our drive, so this driver of the coach assumed he could park his vehicle across our drive.  My eldest Son went out to speak to the driver who was in the coach, I listened to the conversation.  My Son was very respectful and asked the driver to move as there was a Coach Park by the Beaches.  Suddenly this driver started shouting at the top of his voice “You’re Racist, you are picking on me because I’m Black”  –  it was unbelievable.  My Son told him not to be ridiculous playing the racist card and that he was going to phone the police, the driver eventually moved off.  My point being their answer to everything seems to be “you’re racist” and I am thoroughly sick of it.

If this nonsense does not stop there will sooner or later be a race war.  As for this “woman” she was immediately sacked by L’Oreal, which was the right thing to do, they had every right to sack her.  The result L’Oreal is receiving a load of abuse, so yet again the Lefty Pinkos and the Imbeciles are on the rampage.




Having a cup of Tea with my youngest Son at 5pm this afternoon he said “I see your favourite Store is in trouble and rightly so”, I looked at him and said “you don’t mean John Lewis” (its probably a name not known outside the UK but its a fantastic store and I have purchased so much from them in the past, I would go up to Oxford Street in London and spend hours and hours going from one department to the other, its where I used to do my Christmas Shopping.

Well, sorry my humble opinion on hearing what my Son told me, is that John Lewis deserve to lose business.  They have decided that no  children’s clothes will be marked Boys or Girls, they have decided all labels will be “Gender Free labels”  By all accounts some shoppers who picked up the clothes for their children for school only saw when they got home, that they were not marked boys trousers or girls skirt – now John Lewis have decided they will be just called “Gender Free Labels”.

What utter nonsense is this, no one will be sold anything that is fitting for a young girl up to 14 years of age or Boy, this is complet c..p.   Political Correctness gone completely mad.

Shoppers have said they will boycott John Lewis until they stop this nonsense, and they are demanding their money back.  John Lewis deserve to lose a lot of money for this, for once I have very little sympathy for them.

But, it gets better, after my Son told me the above nonsense he then said “if parents fill in the forms for their children’s schools, the forms no longer state your Son or Daughter, the gender no longer matters.  Better still, if boys want to go to school in a dress they can, the Schools I assume in England, not sure about Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland have announced there will be no rules as regards what boys and girls wear, boys do not have to wear boys clothes or girls, girls clothes.

The older I get, the more I am glad that I probably will not see all the further PC stupidity that will come, we have enough PC already, we don’t need anymore.

A little Political news, thanks to the young Lefty Pinkos that support and follow the far left Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn here in the UK, they have done something I have never heard of since this American Food Chain first came to the UK God knows how long ago it is now.  These lefty pinkos have persuaded all the young workers in McDonalds to come out on strike, unbelievable.  Bad enough our Railways have announced they are going to go on strike, welcome to the World of Far Left Labour.  I remember it well.



So there we have it, some utter stupidity from here in the UK, I am utterly ashamed as to what is going on in my Country and I am so thoroughly sick of it all.  People hating each other, young children persuaded by Parents that they should change their sex.  Believe it or not, it all started here in my Town when a man who worked for the chain “The Grange” (don’t know what they sell have never been there) did not want to retire at age 60.  I can only assume what he was told was meant not to be taken seriously but he did.  He was told if he became a woman he could carry on working and not retire until he or she was 65 years of age.  So what did this man do, he changed his sex from a man to a woman, and could be seen in his dress climbing ladders to get stock.  It all made big News here, had to be my Town where all this rubbish started didn’t it.











Theme from “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World”, fantastic film with great laughs.  The old films the best.     Many thanks to “The Vinyl Restoration Project”.


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