I love watching you

as you stand there naked

in our garden late at night

with the rain gently falling

as gentle as you


You stand there

with your head backwards

your smile so captivating

your hair all tussled

dripping with the rain


I watch and smile

as the rain falls on your body

your nipples firm raindrops fall

falling from each bosom slowly


I like the way the rain

runs down your stomach

onto your legs

dripping as it does

onto your pubic hair


You turn and see me

a smile runs across your face

you open your arms to greet me

I drink the rain off your breasts and nipples

and run my hands down your legs


How smooth they feel

your pubic hair all wet

but as I slide my fingers into you

you toss your hair and sigh

your’e so special

so different

how I love you


Don’t ever leave me

I couldn’t imagine life without you

you make me laugh

you make me cry at times

but you love me














Frank Sinatra    –    What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life



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