Good news bad news

its just news

what you expected

what can you do



Every day

there is something else

another worry

another problem


If it was just as easy

as taking all those pills

you have saved up

you would do it

would you?


But its never that easy

others you love

those left behind

with the consequences


So you keep going

despite more problems

more to cope with

you hold off on those pills

that Morphine




its just at times

you have had enough














Rare Freddie Mercury  –  Send in the Clowns.  Such a haunting sad theme, even more sad that Freddie no longer here.  He plays it beautifully.














10 thoughts on “EASY OR NOT

    1. Do you know Cheryl, I have been told that by many people “I couldn’t have gone through what you have” and I sometimes wonder how the hell I did go through it and survive, so I guess we are as you say “two tough old gals” – I love that comment poppet. Worry eats away at one, I have to survive that bitch thats here if I don’t she seeks her revenge on my Sons and that just worries me all the time.

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    2. Jonathan says he will fight her all the way, and “she is not going to have what you (me) killed yourself working for”. David just says “stop worrying about it, it won’t happen”. But, I still worry Cheryl she also took the money that my Father intended for me, she is pure evil.

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