Through the heather she did run from Soldiers rough who came and robbed.  One so called fine Lord who did not care except for himself, he raped the lass until he had done.  He left the lass laying on the heather, sore and disgraced from what the Lord had done.  She stood and wiped her tears, and with what he had left inside and on her, she rubbed and rubbed until all gone.

As the Lord walked away, she stood there staring at him and called out in her loudest voice, “one day I will seek my revenge and kill you”, the Lord turned around and laughed and laughed and told her “never”, she stared at him as he walked on.  Vowing to herself she would kill him.

The years passed on and still the Lord reigned over the land and the lass now a woman would always remember what the Lord had done, as she stared to the Child playing by the fire,  that she bore, the child a bastard according to the Laws, whose Father was the Lord.

She loved her child and would die to protect it, one day if she lived the child would ask who his Father was and she would have to lie, or perhaps not, but to protect the child be best to lie, she would tell the child his father died from fever.  She had no kin except the old woman who had taken her in when her belly showed and she would soon give birth, the old woman cared for the lass and the child, together they lived and the lass cared for her.

Now the lass and her child, the child the old woman gave her surname too, the Son she had once who died they pretended he was the bastard child’s father.  For a bastard the child in law was until she and the child took the name of the old woman.  It was time now for the lass to seek revenge, she heard the Lord was to London soon, would he return she did not know.

The lass to the big House she went and a job in the house she was given, to help in the kitchens and so presentable and clean she was, to sometimes wait on table.  She waited and waited until the day she was told she must help serve at his Lord’s table.  To the cellars she went and reached on shelves for the rat poison, on a cloth she poured some poison, and placed deep in her pocket to be used later.  The highland stew his Lordship favoured, in deep bowl he would partake the stew, the lass on her way to the table, reached in pocket and emptied the rat poison into the stew.  She stirred until the poison was well mixed, she quickly prayed he would not notice, for the Porter he liked poured in his stew, she had poured extra.

She entered the room and placed the stew on Lord’s platter, she stepped back and waited with other servant waiting on his Lordship.  Suddenly the Lord spoke out “this highland stew tastes very good, the gravy rich and thick, the Porter must be stronger”,  lass and other servant nodded to his Lordship, who continued “tell the cook in future I prefer it like this”, “yes my Lord” the lass and other answered.

Next day as she arrived at big house for her work, servants all talking “what is wrong” she asked the cook “his Lordship is very ill, he has been ill all night, vomiting and shouting its been terrible so they say” said the cook “is the Doctor here” the lass asked “he’s been called for but not arrived” answered the cook, then they heard commotion and young Robert ran into the kitchen “careful you will knock dishes over” said the cook “sorry but his Lordship is dead” said the lad, “no can’t be” answered the cook, the lass stood back and with left hand clasped tightly over her mouth she said nothing just nodded.  For fear those in the kitchen would notice she was delighted at his death.

When the Doctor did arrive he ran to bed chamber and there lay his Lordship dead, there was no more than he could do just confirm the death.  “His Lordship” said the Head Butler “had been partaking of shellfish earlier yesterday”, “where was this” asked the doctor, “in the village hostelry” said the butler “there lays your answer” said the fair doctor “I’ll wager the shellfish was not fresh, and knowing his Lordship he would have partaken too much”.  All the staff were informed his Lordship had died from the unfresh shellfish.

Days passed by, his Lord was buried in the Family Crypt of the Village Church, the staff was told to carry on until his Lordship’s Cousin would arrive from England and take charge of House and Lands and tenants.  Some staff moved on as did the lass who was to marry.

The lass had been introduced by the old woman to her nephew who had come home to his Village and now worked as a Farrier in the Village.  The lass and he had fallen in love so soon and he offered marriage, the lass accepted especially as he wanted to accept the child as his own.

The couple were married in the Church, where his Lordship laid in his Family’s crypt. The couple settled in the cottage, all four together happy. That night as the couple laid in their bed they looked at each other and the husband said “I will be gentle, but if you would rather wait”, she laid her fingers on her husbands lips and kissed his forehead, she took his hands and placed them inside her night gown, he felt her full bosoms and kissed her mouth full, his hands on her soft breasts that were rising with every breath of hers, her firm nipples his mouth he placed on them she sighed. Then he lifted her nightgown over her head, taking his off too, he placed her hand on his manhood, she soon felt how firm he was, he looked at her as he placed his hands inside her thighs, he felt her soft skin, until he found her silk purse, how good she felt warm and wet and ready.

He moved her legs apart, and lifted them high, then placed himself in her gently then firmly and moved back and forth, she sighed everytime he pushed and pushed, he kissed her lips she smiled and sighed, how could her husband make her feel, as he loved every part of her body, his mouth on her breasts as he licked her nipples, this was all worth it all worth it she thought.  She pushed her fingers into his back as faster and faster he was in her, she wanted him more she wanted him never to come out, as they lay there after, she felt his manhood with her fingers, she moved herself down the bed until her long hair tussled fell over his belly, her tongue gently rolled up and down on his penis she felt his balls, he laughed as her tongue pleased him, he reached for her and turned her on her back she rose her legs for him and held him tight until he pushed as she sighed, “more” she whispered and more more he did until they laid side by side his hands caressing her breasts there they laid till they slept.

Soon there was more joy, as the day came when she told her husband she was with child, her own young Son was delighted he would have a bay Brother or Sister, her husband lifted her into the air, delighted to hear the news, as he held her in his arms, he kissed her, then held his Son to him and told all “now we will become an even bigger family”.

The lass kissed her husband and her young Son, she went to the old woman sitting by the fire, to her she said “because of you all those years ago, you took me in you made me your family, and now all this, I owe you so much” she said, “no lass” said the old lady “you gave me back all I had lost, a purpose for life, it has all been worth it hasn’t it lass” said the old woman, the lass looked at her smiling Husband and her Son, then kissed the old Lady on the forehead, and answered with a broad smile “its all been worth it, oh yes its been worth it”.

The Lass had taken her revenge, his Lordship never knew she had done for him, “he deserved all he received from me” she thought to herself.  “time to rejoice our forthcoming child” the lass said loudly.













Hope you enjoy the sounds.  Celtic Highlands  –  Scottish Isles






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