Remembering today, September 11th.  A date that changed the World overnight, and for those living in the West, the civilized West, our Security we could no longer take for granted.

Remembering the Victims from all over the World who perished that date, to all the victims that survived and were physically and mentally scarred, all of those we Remember.

How easily we took our security when we would travel from Country to Country, no more can that be done.  Now we wonder when the next Terrorist Act will be committed.

No one is safe, no Country, its people, Terrorists live amongst us, as they did that day in America.  When I watched with my youngest Son the TV we thought “what a dreadful accident that plane going into the Tower, how can that be”, then the other plane came and hit the other Tower and you just knew, your heart sank you just knew it was Terrorism, I collapsed into a chair not believing what I was seeing.

Through tears, shock, how could this happen, but it did.  Families of those that perished have to live with it, those that survived have to live with it.   We all have to live with the events of that dreadful day, the memories never fade of those throwing themselves from windows rather than be burned.

September 11, 2001, a date like November 22, 1963  –  dates that will live in our memories forever.
















Debussy  –  Reverie




    1. You can never forget them Cheryl and the terror that they went through, the bravery of them all. We have to fight back, the UK just like the US we shall fight to the end to rid the World of them. I know your views on President Trump, but honestly Cheryl I am glad right now he is there. Here in the UK people need to wake up and realize the Terrorists are amongst us, we have the threat of the most lefty pinko shower who announced today “end all elections, just fight for power” this is the very, very dangerous Labour Party, God help us all.


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