What do you get?

Such a beautiful blog, we all need love in our lives. Great song by Elvis Costello too.

For friends without borders


It’s a recurring theme.  So many people deal with it.  Is it worth it?  Is it really worth it?  To quote something already over-quoted (is that a word?)  “’tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all”.   I wonder if Tennyson really believed that.  It’s not like it’s an unusual occurrence.  Its kind of like having molars taken out.  You dread the day that it happens to you, but realistically, you’ve known all along that the day would come.

I read a lot of posts about relationships and can tell that the person is really looking for shelter in the rain.  Any bit of hope, right?  I can’t tell you how many times that I’ve intentionally overlooked a glaring fault in the relationship, hoping that the fault heals itself.  I’ve stayed around after infidelity – no – repeated infidelity, hoping for hope.  It never came.  …

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4 thoughts on “What do you get?

    1. Thank you so much for that information Rob, so he is of Irish extraction. Twickenham, famous for its Rugby played at Twickenham ground, near Richmond, a lovely place I would love to live there. It was opposite Richmond Green Common that Sir Dickie Attenborough lived and in the Village Church where he is buried with his Wife, alongside his youngest Daughter who was swept away in that Tsunami with her daughter. When my Mother left Ireland to come to England to work for a Doctor and his Wife, it was to Twickenham. My eldest Son and myself would often go to Richmond or Kew Gardens and walk along the Riverbank to Richmond. Beautiful place. Thanks again Rob, especially for the great memories it brought back of times with Jonathan at Richmond and Kew. Good weekend to you.


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