Trousers lay across a chair

shirt thrown on the floor

signs you have returned

how long

I don’t know


Two glasses on a table

half empty bottle of wine

cigarette smoke fills the air

I open a window

behind your chair


We do not speak

hands clasped we stare

what is there to say

when the truth

I know inside


You lead me to the bed

I pull back covers

and smooth out pillows for our heads

as you turn me to you

and undress me


Your mouth upon my breasts

your hands slide inside my thighs

I say nothing I just let you

such a fool am I

but I need you

more than I love you?


Or is it the other way round

one day you will not return

no trousers laying across a chair

no shirt discarded on the floor

no hands and lips will travel my body


Perhaps when you depart

I’ll lock my door for good

keeping you away

from my mind and body

now I am the bigger fool

for I know I can’t lock you out


Street lights

brighten my room

as you sleep in my arms

I sigh “what am I to do”

you waken and kiss me


your mouth begins to make love

why am I so weak

when it comes to you

how ready for you I am


My fingers push deep into your back

we stare at each other say nothing

as deeper and deeper you go

and more and more

I can’t let go










Ennio Morricone  –  Love Songs  –  The finest Composer.    (Thanks to Ennio Morricone VEVO)





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